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WTB Audi R8 LMS Audi driving experience 2010 MZP419SR: Name: arch2b Location: Maryland Contact: PM/email via forum Description: Audi R8 LMS Audi driving experience 2010 MZP419SR Price:$0-45 Looking to buy WTB Audi R8 LMS Audi driving experience 2010 MZP419SR at a reasonable price.

WTB mr03 pn double a arm: Looking to buy a pn double a arm set. Any color. Pm me with price. Thank you.

2015 Official Kyosho Mini-Z Cup Regulations Book: Anyone able to translate these class rules? in particular, the graphics at the top of page 2 seem to illustrate rules very similar to our own club's kyosho stock rules. i would love to know what these...

FlySky Paired with MR-03S: I shot a video of the FlySky GT2($32 on Amazon) paired with an MR-03S. It was pretty easy to pair though there was no indication that pairing was successful. Directions- * With the radio OFF hold the pair button and...

My MR03 sports: Just a short video of my mr03 sports with xspeed motor and pn differntial running on a home made foam track.

FS: autoscales!: Autoscales: new Advan GTR R32: $70 new Ferrari Enzo red: $45 Orange McLaren F1 10/10 condition: $50 yellow Ferrari F430 7.5/10 condition (crack in paint on left front): $30 black Mercedes SLR 9/10 condition (small dings on the front): $40 Toyota AE86 10/10: $50 (not sure where the closed...

Wanna update MR03 Sports front suspension: http://www http://www Dear all, Could those products from the links fit on MR03 Sports? if they could

Questions: Hello everyone Donald Ethredge here with AtomicMods, I'm attempting to bring back the site to its old glory, in the past the site had dealt with mostly XMOD parts and upgrades as the XMOD is a bit dated I'm wanting to focus on some other areas so looking for any input on what people are looking...

2 MR-03 Sports questions: Dear all, I play once a week my MR03 in the club, I started to feel some limitation from my car, I am using X Speed motor, can anyone tell me what's the fastest motor that I can install in my MR03 without changing anything? Besides, can I update my transmitter too? My transmitter's wheel...

My MiniZ ADAC Rallye Deutschland Home Circuit: Hi @all, I'm a scalespeed fan and relatively new to rc cars in general. This is my first attempt at designing a racetrack for rally drifting. Here's a short video before I extended the track (2 home circuits in the video now I got 3): Pics follow shortly...

What ball diff is most recommended: Hi Guys, I know this question will be answered with great debate, however I have to ask. I currently have an Atomic v2 ball diff. The diff always feels gritty and never buttery smooth, there also seems to be a lot of wiggle room for the spur gear (not running too loose). I bought about 3 months...

Any Mini Z Buggy owners in WI: Any Mini Z Buggy owners in WI? If so, I would be interested in hosting a get together to run on my RCP track. I have 2 Wide L tracks with jumps and rumble strips. Post if interested. I've been having a blast with my family, but I would welcome others to come and join the fun.

WTB: Reflex racing adjustable front suspension W/ CAMBER KEY: Like the title says I am looking for the reflex racing udjustable front upper tower bar with the camber key. I would also be interested in the camber key by itself or a complete front end including the arms and lower tower bar and knuckles. My name is Devin Malmad and you can contact me thru the...

Washington DC Performance Polo: I am proctively working on summer club shirts with spring now upon us. Shirt: FILA SPORT GOLF® Pro Core Performance Polo Colors: (same colors as winter shirts) Charcoal Gray High Risk Red Blue Zone reserved for Hobby works Staff only

xspeed motor gearing: Is there a chart for xspeed motor gear ratio?I want to use it in my mr03 sport with a 64 pitch ball differential and not too sure what spur/pinion set up is possible without causing any problems to the stock fets,searched forum and found the pn motor chart but not sure about the xspeed motor turns.

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