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WTB Kyosho R246 bbS2 or bbT2 motors for nimh: Hi, I was wondering if anyone have some new in package they would be willing to sell. Thank you. Chuck

Iwaver 04 (miniz monster clone) Servo pinion: Hello, new guy here though i've been on the site before lurking about as guest checking through threads heh. Got a iwaver 04 here almost completely built together from my childhood (missing the crazy fast i plus motor though to be completely as it was heh but got a motor i cobbled together for...

MR03 with F360 body for sale: Sold!!! Thanks for looking Name: Thomas Location: Vancouver B.C Contact: PM For sale is a MR03 brushed set up in the 94mm MM configuration with a Ferrari F360 body. Hop ups:

FS Mini-Z Lot with 2x F1, 1x MR01, 1x MR02 with upgrades: Name: David Location: Goshen, Indiana Contact through PM or Profile Email Please I have some fairly used Mini-z's for sale. As kids my brother, dad and I had the 2 F1 cars and the Dodge Viper MR01. There is an issue with the Dodge Viper from what I can remember that the motor wasn't responding...

Where do you get your hop ups?: I'm new to mini z. Really want to pick up some upgrades but it seems hard to find them in the uk? What are the best places to buy upgrades?

Steering not returning to neutral?: In just testing a new VE chassis I noticed that it will "pull", a bit in the same direction you turn which leads me to believe its either: - Loose bushings in the PN low down knuckles (don't seem overly loose though) - ICS settings messed up from the factory? - defective servo that won't...

Kyosho Ball Diff Refresh/Rebuild: :DHey guys ---- hust wondering if anyone has a method/parts they recommend to get the diffs working smoothly again after developing that "grainy" feel. Is this the RCP/Rubber getting in there thru the seal or? Thanks

WTB: 27mhz am radio tx: Hi kids, long time no see! Looking for a high end 27mhz am tx (yes really!) I want most important features like; model memory, epa, dr, expo, etc. futaba, sanwa, perfex even! I would prefer a local seller (Australia)

VE vs Brushed Comparison: I built two (both with every PN option pretty much), both LM Toyota GT One bodies and only difference is one is a 70t pn motor and one is a v2 pn 9500 kv . I'm hitting way more consistent lap times with the brushed - they ves are just starting to feed too fast at times. Are there any settings on...

Mr03 best upgrade options?: Hi all. I'm just wondering what the best motor upgrade is for the mr03s. Generally for better than stock speed but not silly fast like the brushless. Also as far as upgrades go which are the best in terms of handling and or speed increase? Thanks.

Can't Scan anID for IC Tag with Flipside?: Hey guys ---- I have the Kyosho IC Tag system and works great for everything BUT Dnano ----- anyway, I have attached a Texas Instruments RFID Tag-it series transponder on the bottom of my F1 Shapeways bumper...... Im getting a clean green signal on the strip and when I go to register the tag /car...

Off to NY July 14-30, 2016: Greetings, have a trip to NY. Would appreciate if anybody can point out some tracks / shops to visit. Wouldn't mind meeting any of you to just talk about Miniz :D

Fs ko propo ex eurus: Here is a ko propo ex10 Eurus with mini z module as well as (rf 902s module and kr409s rx). i got this radio when it first came out used it for about a year then took a break, so it was sitting unused for aver 2 years. Contac: Tony Quezada pm if interested asking 200 no trades Image:...

I-Lap and Flipside?: Just had a few questions on the I lap system: How do you mount the transponders on an f1 chassis? Can you put them under the shell or do they have to be totally exposed? I'm only accustomed to the ic tags with the kyosho system. I'm actually looking for a system for our f1 racing besides...

MR-03 Sports Blowing Fets: OK, so here is another question with regards to the sports chassis. There are about 10 new guys that picked up MR-03 Sports cars at the track that is racing mini-z. Of the 10+ guys running them at least 5 have blown fets on them when they put in the 70T motors. I know that they weren't...

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