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  1. Toronto Canada getting new large mini-z track/store in early Nov
  2. Pre-lim details
  3. Additional RCP tracks have now arrived!
  4. New MC3 website and email address
  5. Some pics of the track
  6. Grand Opening MC3 this Saturday 4-11pm- Don't miss it!
  7. Next event Sat Dec 5th 4-10 pm
  8. MC3 December Race schedule
  9. FET upgrade available soon while you wait
  10. LCD Monitors for Race times
  11. MC3 now an authorized Kyosho dealer
  12. Transponders
  13. Thanks to the Dufferin boyz
  14. We carry dNaNo cars and parts now!
  15. MC3 now an authorized dealer for KO Propo and Reflex Racing
  16. Transponder rentals now available
  17. February schedule
  18. track layout for Feb 13th
  19. Route 246 (Kyosho) LiPe Mini-Z batteries
  20. March Schedule
  21. Transponders now included in track fee
  22. Club Race Results for Mar 13th now posted
  23. New Open time for Fridays
  24. April Schedule
  25. Announcement: new dedicated dNaNo area coming soon
  26. Lots of website updates
  27. MC3 5-hour endurance race- suggestions welcome
  28. MC3: Exciting news- Kyosho IC Lap Counter/ Peak AAA
  29. Apologies for Friday
  30. Reminder: we are closed this week
  31. July schedule posted
  32. Schedule for Aug/ Sept
  33. 2010 PN Canadian Regional- Toronto
  34. Visit from Reflex Racing owner Joe Chen
  35. Schedule for October
  36. Where can i buy mini z awd parts in Markham / miniz track around town?
  37. Schedule for November
  38. Dec 2010/Jan 2011 schedule now available
  39. layout for December
  40. layout for Jan 2011
  41. Reminder: we're open Friday & Saturday this week
  42. Race Schedule for Feb, Mar, Apr and May now posted
  43. MC3/ Reflex Racing Points Series info
  44. Shawn's "all Kyosho" MR03 for MC3/Reflex Racing Mod Class
  45. MC3 stickers now available!
  46. MC3 Reflex Racing Points Series Event Timetables
  47. New T-shirt Design
  48. We're now an ****** Dealer
  49. Mini-Z Track Layout for March
  50. Closed until April 22nd/ Mini-Z track layout for April
  51. When do you guys race?
  52. Race Schedule for May available
  53. We're now a MantisWorx Dealer
  54. F1 Racing alive at MC3
  55. anyone knows this person?
  56. Schedule & layout for June
  57. MantisWorx F1 car finally built!
  58. Video
  59. Kyosho body price increase August 1st
  60. Setup for MR-03
  61. MC3 Pictures
  62. PNWC Regional Race Timeframe
  63. MCC Formula1 Point Series Point Standing
  64. how many MC3 peeps are interested in the mini-z buggies?
  65. new version website coming soon
  66. October schedule and layout
  67. website down- use www.mini-z.ca
  68. 94mm Chassis Point Series in winter ?
  69. Videos from 2011 MC3 Fall Classic Race Sponsored by PN Racing
  70. Christmas present to all MC3 racers
  71. FYI- dNaNo Track disassembled at MC3
  72. Mini-Z Classes?
  73. Open Touring Questions
  74. Is there someone who goes from GTA to MC3?
  75. Any regular MC3 guys have spare MR01 Parts?
  76. Jon, I found a screw maybe the one you lost.
  77. Mini Z 2 hours Endurance race
  78. Sign-up Thread: MC3 2 Hour Enduro (Sat, Feb 18)
  79. Kyosho's DSlot43 slot car system
  80. So when's the next endro race?
  81. Timed Lap/Practice Day?
  82. MC3 brand launched
  83. Attention! May schedule posted on website
  84. Updated racing/open schedule May-Aug posted on MC3 website
  85. Mini Endurance race this friday (30 or 60 mins main)
  86. Wednesday Openings?
  87. Buggy Race format for this coming Friday (Aug 3rd)
  88. Newbie Tuesdays coming soon!!!
  89. Newbie Tuesdays starts Tuesday August 28th
  90. Looking for iLap system for loan
  91. Tuesdays maybe cancelled
  92. MC3 Fall Classic Race Sat, Nov 3rd
  93. Practice time?
  94. Track area enlarged!
  95. 90mm 80 turn AAA class for Winter
  96. New comer!
  97. Online Black Friday Sale
  98. Rally Class?
  99. Merry Christmas from MC3; this Saturday (Dec 22) Race Fee Waived
  100. Lemans style endurance race- your feedback wanted!
  101. Endurance Race March 30th
  102. MC3 will be closed next week (March 16-24) and 2 weeks in April (19-28)- see details
  103. Upgrades completed: New lighting and smooth track surface
  104. Civic Holiday Weekend Schedule
  105. Empty Autoscale Cases
  106. New Product Line- GoGoLap
  107. MC3 closed next week for holidays (Aug 26-31)
  108. September open/race days posted on website
  109. beater bodies and display cases
  110. Event for Pepsi Canada
  111. October schedule posted
  112. MC3 initial feedback on new Atomic Mini-Z F1 S.C.S w/ V2. Motor Mount Upgrade Kit
  113. "Crazy 90" class added to our racing schedule
  114. black friday sale on now at MC3
  115. MC3 closed week of Christimas and New Year (Dec 22-Jan 2)
  116. Boxing day pricing at MC3
  117. Tentative date for Money Race March 1st
  118. track closed this week
  119. Looking for software developer to support new suite of products
  120. Track area expanded!
  121. Mc3 noob :-)
  122. Two questions (MR-03 conversion)
  123. Racing 12/06/14 :-)
  124. What time does the track open tonight?
  125. Race Photos and Vids 12/12/14
  126. Race Action 12/20/14 :-)
  127. Forum accepted video format 12/20/14
  128. Racing Action 01/16/15
  129. Contact Information? :-)
  130. Mini-Z Noob
  131. The Canadian dollar and our prices
  132. Race photos and Vids 01/30/15
  133. 2 hour ENDURANCE RACE, Sunday, February 22nd
  134. Race Action 02/06/15
  135. Race Action 02/13/15
  136. CHANGED: 2 hr Endurance race now Sat, Feb 21st
  137. NOTICE: Closed today due to weather conditions
  138. Race Action 02/27/15
  139. Need Spare Diff (Gear is fine) for MR-03S (or 02)
  140. New track layout - Dec 2015
  141. Dec 12 2015 - Track Closed today/tonight
  142. We're a Marka dealer; Marka tires back in stock
  143. new shipment of Marka tires on the way
  144. 1/28 world series July layout setup and run
  145. New! MC3 Video Blogs
  146. Something very amazing is coming from MC3
  147. MC3 Ebook Blog #2
  148. New F1 chassis from MC3
  149. Preorders for KMD-FR01 up!
  150. New! MC3 Ebook Blog #3
  151. MC3: Ebook blog#5 tire truing
  152. MC3 Spring Kit coming soon
  153. Shapeways shop now open for our U.S. based customers
  154. Gold F1 production run done
  155. Brushed motor kit now available for KMD-FR01
  156. Custom titanium parts kits for front-end of the KMD-FR01 now available
  157. Titanium screw kit for KMD-FR01 now available