View Full Version : Track in Norway

2002.01.23, 10:30 AM
Hi all.

Just letting you know that there is Mini-z life in Norway too.

2002.02.06, 03:17 AM
That's a very beautiful track. What did you use to make it? How big is it?

2002.02.14, 02:54 AM
The track is close to Sandvika.
I will post the adress to the web site when it is ready in a few days.
The track is 7,2m. * 4,8m. and 37,6m. long.
Track with is 73cm.

2002.02.17, 02:39 PM
The track is made on a base of hardwood floor.
(7,2m./24ft * 4,8m./16ft and 37,6m./124ft long.
Track lane is 73cm.(29")wide.
And the rails is plastic.
It is open for public use on wendsday 18-23, and saterday 12-17.
(The web site is almost ready. Norwegian only www.ballerud.no/mini-z )
Here is a better picture of the track: