View Full Version : what do you do for a pulled back?

2001.11.12, 07:48 PM
hehe, off topic, eh?? Anyway, what is better for a pulled lower back muscle, heat or cold? or one then the other?? I was out ridin, doin some rails & ledges, having a super sweet ride (street bmx that is), and I went for a small little jump I do every day, and pulled my back in the middle of it.

Any suggestions, I can hardly get up, or even put my pants on for that matter.


Ruffrydin Z's
2001.11.13, 04:27 AM
Both, try icy hot:D Hope your back gets better.

Hey wasnt it your g/fs bday yesterday? Wish her a happy bday for me:) haha

2001.11.15, 03:42 AM
think i had the same thing... one time i really sneezed too hard and landed myself in the e.r. (kinda funny eh? i read somewhere that somebody cracked a rib from sneezing too hard) - long story... pain killers, muscle relaxants and lots of rest....

hope it gets better

2001.11.15, 08:17 AM

I did the same thing when I was your age, trying to move a waterbed without draining it (yes, I know how stoopid that is, water is almost 9 lbs a gallon).

Anyway, I could hardly move for days until I went to see a chiropractor, had me up in running in two days.

I've been in the same boat twice since then, ran to the local bone cracker and was fixed up in a jiffy. They get a bad rep for wanting people to come back once a week for the rest of their lives, but in a pinch (pun intended), they are magicians. Just my .02.

Ken Mifune
2001.11.16, 10:28 AM
1. Cold (ice & water in a bag wrapped in a thin towel), then
2. Hot (hot bath or hot towels)

Take ibuprofen to keep down the inflamation.

Depending on how your feeling in the next couple days, either
see a doctor or go for a leisurely bike ride to warm up the muscles
and do gentle stretches.

My reply is a little late, hope your feeling better.

2001.11.16, 10:31 AM
What a pity, Russ.

Hope you're well already.
Low back pain from sprain and strain is a common problem
The most important thing is resting, resting and resting.

In acute phase ice treatment is good to reduce pain, swelling, inflammation and future scaring.
While now you may need some hot pad treatment to aid circulation and healing.
You may also want to consult a physiotherapist to see if ultrasound treatment is appropriate.

Get well soon ( if not now already):p

2001.11.16, 05:23 PM
Thanks guys, it's been about a week and it's feeling a little better. I've been using icy hot and it's been feeling ok :p

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to everyone!!


Ken Mifune
2001.11.16, 10:05 PM
Now warm it up, and stretch it out.
or else, eventually you'll start feeling my age.

2001.11.17, 10:52 AM
Other tips:
Don't hurt your back again!

e.g. appropriate warm up before strenuous exercise
do not lift heavy objects by bending down but rather by squat-lift-stand manouvre
do not turn your waist when carrying heavy object, turn you whole body instead
do not carry weight beyond your capacity, summon for assistance

Get well soon.