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2003.10.10, 08:40 AM
my first car: Ferrari Enzo

2003.10.10, 08:43 AM
tuned enzo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!:D

2003.10.10, 08:46 AM
there´s another shot

2003.10.10, 09:57 AM
Very nice, I like the wing. Helps to distinguish cars on the track. Only problem is that if you plan on running it at the K Cup, you cannot add wings or spoilers to the car. I like it though.

2003.10.10, 11:03 AM
You cant run mr02's at the kyosho cup...

or can you?? maybe I misread the rules

I love the wing, where did you get it from?

2003.10.10, 11:32 AM
MR02's and the Ol are a new class. You can run them but not against the MR01's

2003.10.10, 11:50 AM
OMG !! this is great !!!!

but I guess I cant use my GPM hop ups?

2003.10.10, 11:53 AM
sorry, GPM is a NO NO. Only Kyosho. down to the rechargable batteries! only thing you can use that isn't the big K is Bearings and tires. Tires must be rubber though, no foams.

2003.10.10, 11:53 AM
what about tires? I have some GPM tires which are very good

2003.10.10, 11:57 AM
what is the point to not allow other hop ups??? specially when they have produced anything worth buying yet !

2003.10.10, 11:59 AM
Tires are OK as long as they are rubber. Reason is this is a business. Money plain and simple. It would look bad for the compitition to beat them.

2003.10.10, 12:28 PM
well then in that case I hope they have some roll shocks and 2deg - 3deg nuckles for the MR02, so I can switch my GPM stuff

2003.10.10, 12:30 PM

2003.10.10, 12:42 PM
do you guys think that adding a wing has an effect on the car ?? or is the car so small that it doesnt matter?

I am starting a thread on the enzo for the KCUP

2003.10.10, 12:43 PM
YUP, Kyosho only!

2003.10.10, 12:55 PM
so where can I get kyosho h-plates and 2deg knuckles?

2003.10.10, 12:57 PM
here is a excert from the Kyosho site
Only Kyosho hop ups are allowed in Open Classes
Drive train ball bearing set from any manufacturer is allowed in Open Classes
No shims are allowed anywhere on the car
Car must retain original Kyosho chassis tub (color Kyosho chassis tub allowed) and electronics
No modifications are allowed on the ESC (i.e. changing or adding FETs, wire changing)
No add on power boosters (i.e. no Turbos)
Weight saving is prohibited, such as drilling or cutting of chassis
Kyosho made hard plastic bodies only
No modifications to bodies for weight saving purpose, coloring change is allowed
All bodies must remain factory scale appearance (i.e. no add on wings and spoilers)
All wheels and tires must be fitted inside the body
Front and rear lights are allowed as long as they are not added for performance gain and all wiring must be fitted within the body
Any 27mhz AM transmitter is allowed in Open Classes
Only US legal 27 mhz is allowed in all Classes
All cars must have AMB transponder adapter installed
Kyosho Power GP800 NiMH Spec AAA is the only rechargeable battery allowed in Open Classes
No tire treatment of any kind is allowed (i.e. traction compound)
Kyosho Mini-Z Racer (MR-01, MR-02), Mini-Z F1, Mini-Z Overland series only
All cars from each qualifier and main are required to pass technical inspection after the race
The official has full power of all decisions and all decisions are final

2003.10.10, 01:00 PM
now here is the biggest joke
.NOTE: Employees of Great Planes Model Distributors Company and Team-sponsored drivers, including those employed by or financially supported in any way by a hobby retailer, distributor or manufacturer, are ineligible and cannot participate in these races.

This caused problems at the last race in NY and there are people that have not come back because of it. Since they are coming down on the hopups harder (batteries) they better do a better job in enforcing this

2003.10.10, 01:15 PM
well, since there is not Kyosho h-plate, im just going to not race the enzo / or buy a new one ! :mad:

2003.10.10, 01:25 PM
If you broke your stock H plate, they do sell them. Unfortunetly, you need to get a KIT and you will get more than just the H plate. I plan on getting a few when my LHS gets them.

2003.10.10, 01:27 PM
I am hoping that they come out with more bodies before the race. As I read before, it is going to be hard keeping track of a race with 3 red and 3 yellow enzos. Looks like I have to get my paint out :D

2003.10.10, 02:03 PM
I love kyosho, but they need to get the ball rolling with MR02 parts maybe? - or am I just very impatient

Yugo DSC Maxxer
2003.10.14, 05:51 PM
Heres a question:
What about MR-01.5's?
The MR-01 motor pod on a MR-02, what class would that be in?
Would that be legal?

2003.10.14, 07:28 PM
nope, cannot run the hybrids. only what KYOSHO designed. not a combination of their products.