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2002.01.23, 05:34 PM
Hey guys, for those who have seen it, what do you guys think about the ultimate mini-z's in the january issue of rc car action

for those of you who havent seen this there were three full option mini-z's shown: one with all megatech options, another with all Gpm options (accept turbo), and the last with all kyosho options.

there was also an article about the mini-z F1 versus the HPI micro Rs4, and one more article about how to make a mini-Z/micro rs4 track.

if i can get my scanner to work i will scan the article for those who havent seen the or i will take pics with my webcam of the pictures from the articles

2002.01.23, 05:39 PM
I gotta check that out!

2002.01.23, 05:45 PM

Are you trying to drive me insane?
I can't get a copy of RCCA here in England! Yes, I have tried and tried, the newsagents can get me PlayBoy, Hustler, Scale Modeller, countless RC aircraft publications and all the crap I am NOT interested in.. but no RCCA :(

Pulleeeez scan the piccies and paste some text from the article!!

2002.01.23, 05:52 PM
hehe ok Mondo i know how interesting it really was i will try to scan those articles tommoro or the next day.

man how lucky can you get, three articles about mini-z's in one issue! i guess thats why they called the issue "mini maddness"

ohh yah the issue was 317 pages long!! that is insanity

2002.01.23, 05:55 PM
mondo--I will try to "hook you up".

2002.01.23, 06:01 PM
Hey Mr.Mini-z do you think you could move this thread to "cars and drivers"


2002.01.23, 07:29 PM
Or I could do it!! hehehe... :)

2002.01.23, 07:31 PM
heh well since u can, go for it

hehe i want all these guys to see the article

2002.01.23, 08:34 PM
Thanks Russ; Mondo, don't get your hopes up too much, the articles themselves are crap, but the pics are nice. Plus Megatech = GPM so that was a stupid choice by RCCA. One thing that made me laugh was the poor choice of words in one article along the lines of "the car is one trick pony!" obviously trying to say it's "tricked out" but instead ending up in a malapropism that means the car only does one thing well! I have 2 copies of the mag so Mondo if you ask really really nicely...

2002.01.23, 09:43 PM
heheh yes yes that is so true, the articles themselves did infact suck, i dont know who they are hiring at RCCA that would bring that much shame to the company

all that i really read was the stats

oh and obout the megatech car i think the only thing they did to make it somehow (different) from the gpm car is that everything is anodized purple because that is the only coulor that isnt popular in the gpm parts lineup

2002.01.23, 09:46 PM
wait a sec, arent all of the mini-z megatech parts anodized in purple because that is all i have ever seen

2002.01.24, 12:43 AM
Plastic_x, yes Megatech = GPM w/ purple anodization and inflated price tag!

2002.01.26, 05:57 PM
YAY! cant wait to read up about it! scan em in!

2002.02.01, 02:29 PM
well my scanner aint workin so i just took pictues of the photos in the articles

here is the link to the pics sorry you wont be able to read the articles (but as it was said before they werent that good anyway)


have fun

2002.02.03, 01:32 PM
u know what wierd i got 2 of these issues one is still in the package :D :D

2002.02.09, 11:03 PM
I really liked the article. I think it's the thing that has interested me into Mini Zs.

My only gripe is not actually about the article, but the info they provided. The essentially put on ALL the hopups on, and I came to a sudden realization. At the PRICE that they hopped up the Mini Z, I could've bought another Mini Z (even a third, but that's pushing it).

I guess it's all luxury, eh? I like how they stated what hopup made the big difference in each one.

2002.02.17, 09:58 PM
hey! i got a copy of that mag too!, i was lucky get it for only 1$! and i had it covered with plastic for only .25c, man it sure is nice to live here in the Philippines!