View Full Version : what does "offset" means on wheels??

2003.10.28, 05:00 PM
hi, i am looking to wheels for the mr-02 from square.

on the ads say they have an offset for the enzo ferrari.

my question is what is offset and can i use these rims for other mr-02 bodies (NSX, LAMBORGHINI, ETC)


2003.10.28, 05:11 PM
Offset in wheels refers to how far out the wheel sits in relation to the hub. if you look at a regular Racer wheel and an Enzo wheel you see that the racer wheel's bearings are almost flush with the inner rim, while the Enzo , the bearing portion of the wheel sticks out. Wide offset tends to keep the car more stable in corners. (Wider is better!)

2003.10.28, 07:03 PM
thanks for your answer Racertim. can a wheel with an offset for one body be use in another body with no problems?? or is the offset specufically for a body. thanks

2003.10.28, 07:41 PM
That, I'm not sure about. I haven't seen the NSX or Lambo in person so I can't tell you yes or no. Hopefully someone a little wiser than me will see this thread!

2003.10.28, 07:47 PM
the whole offset thing can get confusing....for the 01 bodies, there are several body specific offsets however many can be mix matched. it's just a process of trial and error.

no ones knows what the offsets are for the new 02 other than the enzo as they have not been released yet. you'll hav e to wait and see.

2003.10.29, 07:50 AM
thanks for the tips. this forum is great.

i hope my overland's and enzo parts get here soon.