View Full Version : Z-speed aluminum rim set DIABLO MR-02/Enzo particularly for MR-02 chassis

2003.10.28, 05:47 PM
Z-speed aluminum rim set DIABLO MR-02/Enzo particularly for MR-02 chassis
This thread is to Administrator of Mini Z racer...
are you going to order these tires and wheels if it is yes please order one set for my new High Performance Enzo MR 02 thanks...Rembert

2003.10.28, 10:51 PM
check the shop:D

2003.10.28, 10:53 PM
....the shop has the touring (spoke) enzo z-speeds, not the diablo's

2003.10.28, 11:01 PM
my bad, I thought it said Enzo Diablos:o

2003.11.02, 06:56 AM
big key

no problem to get a set of Z-Speed Diablos or Spokes for your High Performance Enzo. Please contact me via mail. If you or someone else can arrange a group buy with the other guys in this forum it will be lot cheapier for everyone because the shipping costs can be divided on all of them.:)
So you don't have to waste time in waiting longer as necessary to get your Z-Speeds.

Kind Regards

Speedster 01
2003.11.08, 08:33 PM
I just wanted to say that your rims are awesome z-speed.The only problem is that geting tires for them would be hard.

Kyosho rim size(enzo): F 25mm x 8.5mm R 25mm x 11mm

Z-Speed rim size: F 25mm x 10.5mm R25mm x 13mm


2003.11.08, 08:34 PM
z-speed foam tires are in the shop here.....

2003.11.12, 07:15 PM
The only problem is that getting tires for them would be hard.

i've used Squat F1 foams and they worked well. Just need to use double sided tape to make sure they stay on

2003.11.13, 03:20 PM
for MR 02? which one is lighter?