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2003.11.04, 08:31 PM
Im wanting to make a "rock crawling course. But I dont want to make it out of real rocks or anything that can move and make it impossible for my 2wd OL. Im looking for something that I can mold but yet will harden over a day or something like that. anyone done something like this, or know of stuff to use? I was thinking of some type of a clay

2003.11.04, 08:59 PM
How about that hole filler stuff that looks like orange poo?? It's called "Great Stuff" I think, it's all around the door in my parents' unfinished basement, looks like it could be molded then painted. I'm guessing check Lowes / Home Depot or some hardware store??

Yugo DSC Maxxer
2003.11.04, 10:28 PM
I saw someone put down rocks and then coat it with clay...I looked good!

Russ: Orange Poo?!? Man I laughed so hard at that!

2003.11.04, 11:22 PM
I experimented with this a bit myself. I sculpted some "rocks" out of foam insulation board and then covered them with this stuff called "Thorocrete", it's a concrete patching compound. The result is something quite durable and lightweight, but you'll have to paint it to make it look good. I was looking to make a crawling track for my OL as well, but I found the OL's don't have enought low-speed torque, so you have to give it full throttle to get over a rock then it just shoots off, not exactly what I'd call controlled crawling. So, I'm working on making a low speed, high torque 4WD 1/24 R/C truck from scratch to use just for that.


2003.11.05, 09:06 AM
Hey davkin,
If you do an FET upgrade you will gain gobs of low speed torque!

2003.11.05, 06:18 PM
Does a FET upgrade give enough torque to do real rock crawling though? Which FET is best for torque, or does it matter? I saw a photo how to on upgrading the FET, looks like very techy stuff, or at least very easy to mess up and ruin $90 worth of electronics. I have big hands, don't know if I want to chance it.


2003.11.05, 11:57 PM
in addition to FET add neo mags to your motor (I have done this) and it give your awesome torque. Very fast too. (the only downfall, It seems i can only get 20min of battery life.-

is that normal btw?

2003.11.06, 10:17 AM
I think the best FET's are the 7389 and the 4562. It is Techy stuff and should only be attempted by someone with SMD soldering exp. There are sevices available here and by MysterE and elsewhere, myself included that can do an upgrade for you.

Reduced runtime is a trade off for more speed and tourque and is normal.

2003.11.06, 10:57 AM
MysterE did my FET upgrade, 2x3 and like i said I am very happy.



Ken Mifune
2003.11.06, 01:31 PM
Model railroading has alot of rubber molds for casting rocky terrain. They're reusable and can handle a variety of casting materials. Some of the molds can be partially filled for different heights.
There's bound to be something suitable for OLs.

edit: With a little solder experience FETs aren't that hard. Especially now with all the info and video tutorials there's no more foggy areas. Go for it. Then you can say "I did my own FET job."

Ken Mifune
2003.11.06, 02:12 PM
Maybe a thin layer of plastcene clay over a casting of rough terrain would be cool. It would offer good rock climbing grip and leave tire tracks. It comes in many colors or you can mix you own. It also comes in varying degrees of firmness.

2003.11.06, 04:51 PM
I have to agree with you, Ken. If you practice your soldering skills, FET upgrades are not that difficult. I think all R/C guys should learn to solder. It opens up whole new aspects of this hobby.

2003.11.08, 07:23 PM
I would use plaster, chickenwire, and newspaper.

2003.11.09, 02:11 AM
I agree with that knowing how to solder is a vital part skill. It can get you out of trouble and open a new horizon as far as mods (capasitors and fets, extra cells , repairs.etc.)

I have been learning / praticing, a word of advice: do not waste your money with those $10 irons at walmart, buy a decent one fomr radio shack and some very thing lead. It will make your life much easier and less of a mess on your car!