View Full Version : ?s about rear roll shock

2003.11.05, 03:26 PM
what they do?? is it worth it?? what is tweak and how it affect the car??

2003.11.05, 08:55 PM
I use them all the time.It keeps the car more stable.Less rolling from side to side.If you get some get the Kyosho roll shocks.Better quality and more hardware with.

2003.11.05, 09:25 PM
where can i get the KYOSHO rear roll shock set??

2003.12.02, 05:15 AM
I don't think kyosho makes them for the MR02 yet. But some manufacturers make one for the MR02 now. It will help a lot.

2003.12.04, 04:49 PM
The 3racing roll shocks didn't work for me. Well, not without modification, or maybe I'm doing something wrong. But with the motor placement in the middle, there isn't room for one of the shocks. I tried this with both the stock and the 3racing motor mount. I think both of them will fit after some filing, but right now I don't feel like going through the trouble.

Hmmm, I just did some looking around. With the set I purchased, the pictured rollshocks have a different bottom bar, it is almost going straight out, unlike the shape of mine. I saw a picture with the GPM roll shocks, and they look exactly like the ones I have (/me scratches head), and the only picture I see of them is with a rear motor setup, I think its mr15.

2003.12.04, 05:26 PM
remember too that any side roll can be helped by using
CF h-plates. This concept works for both the 01 and 02. i use CF plates on my mr1.5 and have no problems.

2003.12.04, 06:45 PM
...I am looking forward to an 'O' plate I have on the way...It makes sense that it would reduce, if not even ELIMINATE roll...Right now I am doubling my h-plates; medium directly to the chassis and hard on top of that...works a treat :)

2003.12.05, 08:44 AM
well...an o shock would be wonderful but you would still need some of the roll...but if it works for you...then i say you race it! :)