View Full Version : Vagabond!!! Looking for MRX

2003.11.16, 09:12 PM
Hi Im looking to get a MRX from you... how much and when do you have any time... Id love to get one of these from you. Also what bodys fit? Anything will help. Thanks

2003.11.17, 04:02 AM
Hi Samurai, i'm currently a bit tied up with my work. Anyway, i'll try to determine the price for this okay? I'll let you guys know ASAP. Thanks for your confidence in me man.

2003.11.17, 04:04 AM
If i'm gonna make this, i would like to make a whole batch one shot so i would like to know roughly who want the MRX?

2003.11.17, 08:51 PM
Just to update you all, i'm looking for carbon fibre to make the chassis now. Hopefully i can find it. If not i'll be using G10 material for the chassis.

2003.11.17, 08:54 PM
MMmmmMMMmmmMMmmMMmMmmm He Said carbon fiber.... I will give you $200 right now....

2003.11.17, 09:40 PM
Once i got the materials i'll calculate about the price for a MRX chassis. Stay tune guys...