View Full Version : 36Z project

2003.11.23, 12:44 PM
Have a look at my 36Z. It's done with pink and blue krylon fusion, auto pinstripe, and acrylic clearcoat. Still needs black details, wing to be color keyed and the lenses are pink and drying. Here is a preview http://community.webtv.net/John_Edwards/36Z

2003.11.23, 02:40 PM
looks great!

2003.11.23, 11:54 PM
Very nice design paintwork!

But why pink? Blue/white is a good enough combo there.

I see you still have your mirrors.

2003.11.24, 07:22 PM
Thanks! The pink is for my girl:) I'm suprised at the mirrors myself. That body was originally yellow from a ready set. It's left my track several times which is 30in. off my basement floor:eek: But they have never come off. Broke my Xanavi mirrors first time I used it:)