View Full Version : Lapz: Shops in Hong Kong?

2003.11.23, 10:59 PM
Hello all....

I am still on my quest to get my hands on a Lapz timing system. I have not gotten any emails back from them, but I see from lapz.com that they are being sold by Kyosho overseas. I have found one shop in Sweden that carrys the lapz, but emails to them also went unanswered.

I was wondering if anyone here knows of a shop in Hong Kong, or anywhere overseas for that matter, that carries the Lapz and is willing to ship to the States. Anyone know?


2003.11.24, 05:46 AM
It was being developed/created by ppl in europe, I forget where, but lapz.com explains it... and thus test marketed there, I dont think HK or Japan even have it yet.... they were OUT of them, a while back... but another part of the web site, said they got some more in...

I recently sent an email to them, say 4 months ago? hehe... where I sent them a list of gizmos/features they could add to it, they did reply saying they liked the concepts...

Hopefuly they will add the gizmos/features ideas I gave them, and hopefuly if they do, I can get a discounted/free system or two for my own use :)... I have to stop giving my blasted Ideas away LOL... but sometimes Id just rather see the idea get made sooner then go through the pattent issues...

Hopefuly them adding my gizmo/features wont delay production :-D

2003.11.24, 08:16 PM
...overseas it is being sold by Kyosho. I have heard of folks in Japan buying it at shops, only reason I ask.

I have tried the route of emails to them, no response. So I am looking for someone, in any country, don't really care which one, that Kyosho is distributing the system so I can order it if I find a shop that sells it.

Jonas out of sweden had sent me an email with a shop that carries it, but it was only in Swedish, and I also was not able to get a response there. :(