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2003.11.25, 02:48 PM
I know there are many from this forum that don't believe in lowering trucks, but I don't consider this a truck. I think of it as a passenger vehicle, you know, the type of vehicle you take your kids to school in. The speed bumps may be a problem though. It might appear that the frame is sitting on the ground, but there is a distance of about two business cards between the frame and the road surface.

The track the "passenger vehicle" is sitting on is a piece taken from one of the prototypes Kyosho will be offering overseas. Kyosho will be offering two different track designs with the Kyosho label. One track uses 50 cm tiles and the second track uses 30 cm tiles for those who have limited space.

2003.11.25, 02:49 PM
Here is one from the rear.

2003.11.25, 02:51 PM
Here is one with the top off. I couldn't keep the front shock tower, but I mounted the front steering box to a plastic section of the frame that does give the "passenger vehicle" some suspension in the front

2003.11.25, 03:24 PM
interesting setup, how does it handle? how do you like overland racing?

Ken Mifune
2003.11.25, 04:32 PM
Excellent. Was it a kit or prefab?

2003.11.25, 04:42 PM
prefab....dub city truck. they can be found in lots of stores

2003.11.25, 05:05 PM
Nice pull arch, your right its just a dub city prefab. I need to mount some taller Overland tires on this truck to really see how it handles. The tires that come on the truck out of the box will only handle on sand paper. They are only for show and not for racing. I cut out the center hubs off some Overland rims and epoxied the hubs to the inside of these 24" replica's, so they would mount to the axle. I will film this beast with some Overland tires and post it later. I am sure it should handle nice, since the body is so heavy. There is plenty of room for some extra cells and some NML additions which I am adding shortly.

Here is another custom mini-z. This is a kit. It is an AMT model, 60 Chevy Custom Fleetside. I used a mini-Z racer chasis for this truck. It is equiped with Kyosho front and rear lights. This truck runs very nice. No traction roll.

2003.11.25, 05:06 PM
Here is one from under.

2003.11.25, 08:59 PM
RCP, bwaaaaa... now I _know_ you're from LA:) Makes me want to make an MR-02 Impala or something.[hehe]

On a serious note, I'll be in the area for the Christmas week with family if you want anybody to test the new side barriers, drop me an e-mail.

2003.11.26, 10:25 AM
Fraz, sounds good. When are you in town? I am going to talk to NML about having a Christmas So Cal. g2g. I would like to set up a couple of my custom tracks out here for those in the Los Angeles area to come and run their cars. It can be an all day Holiday Micro g2g, RCP style. I'm sure akura2 and Blind would want to attend. I will send you an email with the details.

2003.11.26, 02:10 PM
i like it:D

Inferno motors
2003.11.29, 07:30 AM
very good!how you put the body so low?I like (like every lowrider) very much.