View Full Version : Pics of Tom Thumbs on 11/16/03

2003.11.30, 11:09 PM
Sorry about the long delay getting these uploaded.

click here for PICS (http://home.woh.rr.com/steveandjoyce/)

2003.12.01, 05:06 PM
having had first hand experience running on this cool track i will say these store bought foams handled very well.

The pvc pipes weren't taped or bolted down making for a second layout change in a matter of minutes without disconnecting any tiles.

Definately a wave of the future in track material and design (vs ozite carpet).

2003.12.01, 10:12 PM
Nice pics! I have been using a 2.1 Megapixel HP Photosmart camera that is LOUSY on action shots....soooooo.....I just picked up a new Digital camera tonight, so I will be lugging it along with me to all of our races. We will have tons of pics now!


It is the Canon EOS Digital Rebel 300D, 6.1MP. I have wanted an SLR digital for SOOOOO long...finally got approval from the wife....this camera just prolonged the purchase of my Miniz Monster truck.

Also guys, we are having race night tomorrow (Tuesday Dec 2) here at LPR starting at 7pm, if interested, drop me a line and I can get you guys directions. I know it is a long drive from Dayton, but thought I would make the offer. We have 4 confirmed racers for tomorrow night!


2003.12.01, 10:16 PM
That is the first time on MZR that I have gotten an in-line image to work in my post. Always could over at Tinyrc.com, just not here. Very nice!