View Full Version : can mr-01 skyline GTR asc fit into mr-02 mm

2003.12.08, 11:37 AM
can it fit what i need to do

2003.12.08, 08:30 PM
Welcome to the forum!

No the Skyline will not fit the MR-02 (the mid motor mount type) perfectly.

To make it fit perfectly you will need to either:
1) Dermal the rear part of the body a little bit. The MR-02 is slightly longer than the MR-01.
2) You can convert to MR-15. You will need the rear motor pod from the MR-01 and a modify H-plate (like pn racing or you can make your own).

2003.12.09, 04:03 AM
i would have to say yes as i got my altezza to fit and it seems both are not wide bodies. you will have to use the 015 setup if you do not want to do any body modding. i personally think there are very few 01 bodies that will not work in an 015 setup. i've even got my vitz to work;)

2003.12.09, 05:19 AM
with some modification to the hplate and using an mr01 motor mount and the proper rims, yep i guess you can use the skyline

here's a thread, not actually a skyline body, but it'll fit with little modification... hope this helps


2003.12.09, 12:15 PM
thanks u guys rreally help alot