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2003.12.10, 09:10 PM
Just a few pics from my Hot Wheels Ferrari F355 I fabricated a wing, Which needs some more wet sanding and mabey two more coats of paint. The lights should be done within a week or so..

Hope you likes.... Bombs away

2003.12.10, 09:14 PM
Just a few more my email has been sabotached so i cant send them to my album so i can share them this way.. sorry about the mutiple threads

2003.12.10, 09:17 PM
Hey dont want to bore anyone but here we go again

2003.12.10, 09:18 PM
One more to go

2003.12.10, 09:24 PM
please post what appear to be same topic pictures with the same thread;) it makes less work for the mods