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2003.12.10, 09:23 PM
This thing kicks butt my brother bought some kind of RC rumor has it that he spent over $600.00 for it , man i hope it was worth it he saw my car when it was just a baby i still plan on runnig that thing down what ever he has. See Bro has some deep pockets and doesnt always check into stuff before the big purchases, Geee maannnn can ya spread tha love or what bigbrotha needs some new vgrooves oh yea did i mention that with those deep pockets he has short arms??


2003.12.10, 09:26 PM
i don't really follow what your trying to say but i like the hotwheels theme;) my son has over 300 of them

2003.12.10, 10:15 PM
I think he's saying his brother spent way too much for the car, but that's okay because he has a lot of money to throw around. Then he goes on to mention that his brother should share the money with him, but he (the brother) is too frugal.

Where is that "babel" translation page at whne you need it?

2003.12.11, 12:14 PM
in response to your question you sent me...

new magnets are not needed with the NML motor, neos are already included. If you're using other motors, you can try using neos for a more torquey output.

2003.12.11, 12:43 PM
yea neos he said he would buy from me, but didnt lol...

El Tigre
2003.12.11, 01:23 PM
These posts just boggle my mind.

2003.12.12, 03:43 PM
Hey thanxs a bunch MysterE and again thanks for the ebonics translation. has anyone purchased the zspeed wheels,? im interested in the lambo rims?