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2003.12.14, 12:23 PM
Yesterday was Round 3 of the Mini-z Race series down at Tom Thumb. With enough racers showing up, both the Modified MR-01 and Modified MR-02 races were held.

Below is a picture of this weeks layout, a new track for all racers. With the proper lines, this track was very fast, and consistency was key, especially with all the traffic. Fastest lap of the day was obtained by Mickey in his heavily modified MR-01, with a time of <strong>5.99 seconds</strong>. Rodney continues to improve, and had a demanding lead in the MR0-02 main for a few laps, and his car stayed together for the duration of the race. If we can keep team Rodney's mechanics away from his Enzo, he will be able to race with a car that stays together. Good racing Rodney!



<strong>Modifed MR-01</strong>

The Modified MR-01 class was dominated early on by Mickey. With his turbo'd NSX, his car was really moving, and of all the racers, Mickey seemed to find the fastest lines. After quickly passing all racers, Mickey went on to take the TQ spot in Qualifier 1:

MR-01 Qualifier 1 (http://www.latencyproject.com/tomthumbracing/20031213/PrintRaceAnalysisModifiedMR-01Round1Race1.html)

Qualifier two was more of the same, with Mickey lapping the field and really moving. I DNF'd on lap 1 with a motor wire coming unsoldered in the first turn....end of the qualifier for me. Mickey and Mark both ran great races and kept it close for most of the race until Mickey started to walk away, and was eventually able to put Mark a lap down:

MR-02 Qualifier 2 (http://www.latencyproject.com/tomthumbracing/20031213/PrintRaceAnalysisModifiedMR-01Round2Race1.html)

The main for MR-01 turned out to be an exciting race. Again, I DNF with a motor issue, and I have since fired my motor guy. :) Mickey and Mark were battling for position most of the race, but with his Xspeed powered Corvette, Mark was able to pull away, and take the win over Mickey. Mark really put the laps together when they counted, and took the overall with an average lap time of 6.9 seconds. One thing to make note of, is compare the overall lap count in the MR-01 race vs the MR-02 race below. The MR-01's were running a 69 lap pace, and the MR-02's were on a 66 lap pace. That may be surprising that MR-01's were faster, but with the exception of the XSpeeds, all of our MR-02's are essentially stock. The MR-01's are built to the hilt with Turbos, cans, etc...and they are only better by 3 laps. Pretty impressive. Here is the data sheet for the MR-01 Main:

MR-01 Main (http://www.latencyproject.com/tomthumbracing/20031213/PrintRaceAnalysisModifiedMR-01FinalRace1.html)


<strong>Modified MR-02</strong>

In MR-02 action, Mark was the man to beat this week. In qualifier 1, Mark quickly put the field several laps down, and his consistency could not be matched. Mickey was a DNF in this heat as his rear tire came off during his 8th lap of the race. The investigation showed that his tire guy forgot to put the lock nut on the tire after swapping out tires, so Mickey fired him. ;) With a great running MR-02, I just could not keep pace with Mark, he was really running a clean and fast race:

MR-02 Qualifier 1 (http://www.latencyproject.com/tomthumbracing/20031213/PrintRaceAnalysisModifiedMR-02Round1Race2.html)

In the second qualifier, Mark again was the driver to beat. A very close race with many lead changes, but in the end Mark put the hammer down and walked away again. It was clear he was going to be tough in the main as his MR-02 was flying. During this race, I decided that the 40 compound front tires I had been running were pushing too much, and decided to go to a softer front tire for the main. Here is the data sheet for the second qualifier:

MR-02 Qualifier 2 (http://www.latencyproject.com/tomthumbracing/20031213/PrintRaceAnalysisModifiedMR-02Round2Race2.html)

The MR-02 main turned out to be an eventful one. With Mickey's fiasco in the qualifier with his tire, his new hire replacement tire guy pulled the same trick. He too forgot to put a wheel nut back on after doing some rear end differential work, and mid-way through the race, Mickey was scrambling back to the pits to get his wheel back on. A quick pitstop, and he was back on the course turning laps. Mark dominated most of the race, with both he and I getting caught in traffic. After a great run of laps, Mark had put a demanding lead on me, almost a full lap. In the last 2 minutes, it was looking like I was surely going a lap down, but continued to put in some clean laps. Luckily I was on the other side of the track, and had a clean track in front of me, but Mark on the other hand did not. A few incidents with some other cars, and a spin for Mark, and I was right back on him, and was able to make a pass for the lead. With my decision to go with a softer front tire, I was faster through the S turn than I had been, and that allowed me to barely maintain that lead to the checkered flag to take the overall MR-02 win. Here is the datasheet:

MR-02 Main (http://www.latencyproject.com/tomthumbracing/20031213/PrintRaceAnalysisModifiedMR-02FinalRace2.html)

Overall, we had a great day of racing. Our next race is this coming Saturday, December the 20th. Mark your calendars, and plan on stopping over.