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2002.01.27, 02:41 AM
how can i fix my twitching servo without taking it to the shop?

2002.01.27, 06:17 AM
Originally posted by 206R
how can i fix my twitching servo without taking it to the shop?

Could it be due to bad reception? I had the same problem and everything was back to normal after replacing the original antenna with a longer guitar string,

2002.01.27, 09:20 AM
try the trim setting. if it doesn't work.... then you fried your ESC..... but there are other ways to check. Open up your servo (where all the gears are located) in there is a small circular thing (in the front opposite the motor) that thing checks whether your steering is centered or not. So if something's loose in "that thing" then it will continually send messages to the ESC to continue re-center. Sorry I i had to use the term "that thing" LOL... I don't know the corect word for it... haha.. i hope you know what i'm talking about....

2002.01.27, 09:24 AM
yes i kno........it is the speed controler........thankz 4 the help

2002.01.27, 05:45 PM

Sorry to say, I disagree with your conclusion that the 'ESC is fried'!
Dig into the Postings and Threads from the past and you'll notice quite a few Members report their servos 'twitching'. Other than that, they have fully functional Mini-Zs.

A fried ESC/RX symptom is either: stone dead, really short range (a-la-Draconious) or reverse and no forward (as Mini-Z reported)
Another symptom that my LHS told me about, but I haven't read about on the Forums is sheer erratic behaviour. Hit the throttle and the Mini-Z's steering just goes berserk and the motor runs forward and reverse in random short bursts.

A far cry from a 'twitching servo', agreed?


2002.01.27, 07:22 PM
yea.. come to think about it... i guess i am wrong... :D heh... I was probably not thinking at the time i was typeing... lol.... oh well... i'll make sure i'lll type it right next time....:D

2002.01.31, 02:16 PM
Check the batteries on the transmitter too, if your batteries are not full or used too long, change them, makes a huge difference. Too bad Mini-zs dont have the F1 ESCs, they dont twitch or anything...

2002.02.01, 05:38 PM
for some odd reason, the twitching of my car came back after fixing it. It's a little frustrating. I'll see if I can solve the prob. 1 more time, and will post results.