View Full Version : Monster alive !!

2003.12.16, 11:11 AM
A miniz monster video done by us....


2003.12.16, 12:26 PM
again....please post in continuious thread rather than posting 3 seperate trheads with video's. al you have to do is hit the reply button, it's that simple

actually, now that i've watched the video....your lucky it hasn't been removed already, unless you've worked something out....

2003.12.17, 08:53 AM
Arch i juz wanna provide racers from singapore and other areas this video....
if i only post in other thread, racers from singapore might not see it... and if i only post in here... will other racers from other areas see it??

i'm sorry if my post has been hindering u with anything ...


2003.12.17, 09:25 AM
the video is actually very good. the quality is nice and it shows well. teh jump to the wall track that has been pictured before i believe, was cool. it's a good video of what you can actually do with the monster. too bad, it must be a very slow file for the bandwidth challenged;)

if the members view new posts....it doens't matter where you put it. unless you can find a specific video thread to put a link to or if there is a video section somewhere, one thread is sufficient. it's one thing to post the same link in different areas within relevant threads as i do this from time to time to make sure the info gets to more than just a few readers howerver multiple (new) threads with the same info is a bit much.

maybe i'm just not explaining it well...