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2003.12.21, 01:31 AM
A front view of my Z's on the local mini-Z track.

2003.12.21, 01:33 AM
A top view of my Z's on the local mini-Z track.

2003.12.21, 01:35 AM
A view of the local mini-Z track itself with my mini-Z's at the finish line.

2003.12.21, 06:14 AM
That track looks awesome....where is it at???

2003.12.21, 09:39 AM

which brand of track bariers are you using?

Thanks for keeping me informed,


2003.12.21, 07:11 PM
that's one ugly overlander:p

2003.12.22, 10:27 PM

It’s an RCP set up. Living in Las Vegas, I’m lucky enough to be able to use the same Mini-Z track where the 2003 National Kyosho Mini-Z Cup was held. And the barriers sure slow you down if you hit them (especially if you no longer have any mirrors), but at least they don’t break the car like a hard compound. Right now I can’t drive my Enzo because I’m still waiting on a broken part due to last Friday's t-bone encounter--this guy snapped my Enzo in half when he hit me dead on as I was rounding the turn just past the finish line (he would have hit the barrier if I wasn't there). I modified a carbon-fiber h-plate to replace the t-plate, but I am still waiting on a spindle (I only had an F1 spare).


My Overland is not ugly. It’s the best looking model Kyosho sells. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have purchased it.

McLaren F1 T3
2003.12.23, 10:29 AM
Even though I have to agree with TNB, as i AM a owner of one, and love it. This place isn't to start arguements, its just to help others, and share your ideas. my 2cents


2003.12.23, 07:06 PM
My Overland only took it as a joke. After all, some say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Perhaps, that is one reason justice is supposed to be blind. :)

2004.03.10, 12:07 PM
The monster joins the clan.

2004.03.10, 01:01 PM
uh, I may be missing it but Where is the monster? Must be camera shy.:p

2004.03.10, 02:04 PM
that is a huge track:eek: it must lots of fun.

nice collection too:p the pajero evo is unique;)

2004.03.10, 06:53 PM
Originally posted by PAULANGELO
uh, I may be missing it but Where is the monster? Must be camera shy.:p
Oops, wrong photo. I guess I'll try again. This time the monster should be crushing the F1 body. The photo was taken before I added some small US flags to the antennas on the OL and MTT. And, yes the track is fun.

2004.03.29, 02:27 AM
Here is the MMT with its 8 lights (6 front, 2 rear).

Pedro Castro
2004.03.29, 01:08 PM
Originally posted by DNF RIDER #4
that's one ugly overlander:p :mad: :mad: :mad:

NICE work with the lights...and one hell of BEAUTIFULL OL!!:D :D

2004.03.29, 02:06 PM
Now, the OL has lights too! And, oil shocks, bearings, x-speed, and a red-screw set. By the way Pedro, nice choice in Overlands. :D

2004.04.05, 03:00 AM
Attached are some updated photos of my MMT.

Oil Shocks
Bearing Kit
Blue Wheel Nuts
Red Screw Kit
Soft Tire Inserts
Blue Flyxwire Mini Antenna
Homemade wrap around bumper guard
-2 headlights,
-2 lower driving lights,
-4 roof lights,
-2 tail lights, &
-2 passenger compartment internal lights (red).
FedEx Box (hides transponder Velcro mount)
Cat--Only 1 believe it or not.

2004.04.05, 03:03 AM
Hopefully, the files are attached this time.... :rolleyes:

2004.04.09, 02:29 AM
Thanks to arch2b, the thread name has been changed to reflect other Mini-Z purchases and pending arrivals. This will soon include the Shelby Cobra and a few others which I still need to take photos of and upload. An album has also been created, by arch2b for me, which contains a few photos of modified MR-02s, TNB, the local RCP track, and other miscellanous scale cars.

I'll also try to upload a video or two when I can get the files to upload.

I just noticed that "F1" was missing from the title. Poor little guys. :(

Z-as in Zorglup
2004.04.10, 10:44 AM
Heyy !!
Nice Monster !! Nice cat !! :)
But a serios ugly OL :rolleyes: !! :D
I'm startet a mm project, after seen yours pic's !!(of the NSX)!! It's a mercedes vodafon body I'm using with 01 chassis !! In our own forum(in denmark) there is a guy(trkelson),who had a brilliant ide.He take 2 H-barres from 01 and skrew them togetter.Then he take the original 01 motor-mount,twist it 180 degrees and mounted it.Swap the wires and of it goes !!(if you have the new controller or using swap-function at the old) Putting a Enzo-body at it and you have a 01mmEnzo !!
But great looking car's !! ;)

2004.04.10, 01:08 PM
Thanks. My poor Overland... :( It appears that your friend had a good idea to make the Enzo body fit the MR-01. I thought about going the other direction and making the Shelby Cobra body fit an MR-02 chassis, but I didn't want to cut it up so I ordered the Shelby RTR. After its arrival, I'll upload a few photos. Meanwhile, perhaps you can upload a photo of your friends MR-01 Enzo. :)

Z-as in Zorglup
2004.04.10, 06:50 PM
Heyy !!
Since you wrote that, I have puzzel with it !! It's NOT a friend of me, the guy i mention before !! Just member of same forum !! ;)
But it was easy to modified the Mercedes to mm, but not that easy to modified my bloody Enzo !! I had to make a lot of small adjustments, to get some space over the motor, But finally it worked !!
I used 2 original H-barres, glue them togetter and some spacers !! Used the original 01 motormount, twisted it 180 dg. and put it on !! As you can tell off the pic's there is no electric in it, but it's just to show how I ment !!

2004.04.11, 01:32 AM
Ok, not a friend, just another member, you simply wrote "guy". Anyway, back to Mini-Zs. I know some "guys" that made some T-Plates out of Lexan (trying different thicknesses), which may work since one could cut a single piece instead of using two pieces. However, I'm just wondering did you flip the diff or did he flip the diff when he drove it and if not, does the car pull to the opposite side since the diff in the photo is now on the driver's side.

Z-as in Zorglup
2004.04.11, 05:14 AM
Heyy !!
Yes !! It's pulling to left(a bit) !! And of course it will be better if using one long H-barre instead of two gluet togetter !! I have seen som xtra long H-barres ment for modifieing to scala 1/24 !! That could do it !! (Soory my bad English) It's a little tricky to wrote in a langue, I dont use much !! :)
That stof you mention, Lexan ? Is it something like glass-fiber ? Have seen karosse's made of it ! I thought it was more like plastic !!
All for now !!

2004.04.11, 12:49 PM
Don't worry about your English. I understand that it is not your native tongue. Regarding the Lexan, it is basically a plastic; however, there are different thicknesses/strengths. In the R/C world many of the bodies for 1:12th scale and above are made from Lexan.

Also General Electrics Lexan Resin polymer was invented in 1998 and it appears GM hopes the Lexan SLX will replace full-size automobile manufacturing painting since the plastic is lighter than painted steel and supposedly more durable (if ultraviolet light doesn't kill the plastic). Here is a link to an Apple Quick Time file commercial.


Z-as in Zorglup
2004.04.11, 06:46 PM
Heyy !!
Can't do anything with that link !! It don't function !! What is the F for in MR-01F ?
BTW:We are waiting for these RCP-tracks in Europa !! Special the narrow(kyosho)version !! I saw you had one (not the narrow)!! Is it cool ?

2004.04.11, 10:00 PM
It must be your computer settings since the link works fine for me. The part missing from the link above is "corp/geads/do". :rolleyes:

I don't know what the "F" stands for but the MR-01F refers to the Shelby Cobra I ordered--its my understanding that the Shelby Cobra has an MR-01 chassis with an MR-02mm type rear pod. :confused:

Regarding the RCP track, it is not mine but is located at one of the local hobby shops. It consists of 4L's and I try to run on it at least once a week and lately several times per week for an hour or so to get in some practice for the upcoming US Nationals on the 23-25 of this month. I'm not really that good and am relatively new to the R/C world, but with the practice I have been able to keep up with some of the old timers or rather more experienced racers. :)

And yes, the track is cool and even subtle set-up changes can make a big difference on the track. Tires and springs appear to be very important since it can make a difference of flipping the car or not. Quite frankly, I'm sure I wouldn't own as many Mini-Z's or have such an interest in Mini-Zs if it wasn't for the track. :)

Z-as in Zorglup
2004.04.12, 12:52 PM
Heyy !!
nevermind that link !! I look it up at GM hp !! :)
I was sure, your's answer on the F q. might be: Well..well..The F my friend...The F say's FAST !! :D
LOOL !!!
We are racing at a wood-floor ! Using power-tyres and 'deep tracktion control' liqid from Squat !! Not perfect, but we live with it !!
We had our first national championship in januar ! I was there, finish 4' in stock division and 8' in modified !! The track was a felt-track and in modified, my car keept on rolling around in every corner !! It was first time ever I drove at another surface than wood and make me realise I had to practice on other surfaces !! I want one of these RCP(kyosho)-track at home and as my old man always said : All comes, if you are patience.......unfortunate it's not my strongest side !! ;)

2004.04.12, 04:14 PM
I guess the "F" could also stand for Ferrari as in Enzo rear motor pod. Either way, the little Shelby Cobra should be "Fast" to keep up with its namesake.

About the only surfaces I have really ran my Mini-Zs on are RCP tracks and ozite carpet. I couldn't get any traction on the ozite carpet track and shortly afterwards, the local hobby shop got in the RCP track and some tires. I've been pretty lucky in that regard.

Congrats on your finish. :)

Regarding the link to the Lexan Resin, the commercial was actually put out by General Electric.

2004.04.15, 12:50 AM
A dozen Cobra photos are now in Gallery TNB--Bennie happened to "sit" in for one photo. :)

2004.04.15, 05:32 AM
would it be possible to use an 02 chassis on the cobra?

2004.04.15, 02:05 PM
The battery position may present a problem, but I'll compare my mm and the -01F a little more closely later on and get back to you. However, I'm not going to remove or readjust the Cobra body mounts. The "head" may also present another problem.

Edit: With the front nose piece off of the Enzo MR-02mm chassis, the rear fenders would still have to be enlarged towards the rear. The antenna would also have to be rebent farther back. Forget about installing the driver unless you want to remove the rear shock. Since the MR-02 chassis is also wider the body would also have to be "stretched out" on the sides, so much so that it would probably crack upon one hard impact.

In my opinion, it would turn a very nice body into one hack fest.

2004.04.26, 04:34 AM
There are lots of new photos in Gallery TNB, including close ups of the MR-02RML F50 and the proposed California Highway Patrol Mini-Z if anyone is interested. I also picked up "The Mach" Speed Racer at RCX and added some "group" photos.

2004.05.03, 12:23 AM
I added three more photos to Gallery TNB, Album: Miscellaneous (page 2) tonight. The latest photos are of my:

1) Mini-T "Yellow Cab" next to my Mini-Giant with a yellow Hummer body,
2) Mini-T next to a 1:5th scale FG Monster Beetle, and
3) Mini-T on top of a 1:5th scale FG Monster Beetle.

Other photos were added the other night to "MR-01F Shelby Cobra & A few "Z" friends and one to "Tigger & Bennie". By now, most everyone should know about the album "RCX 2004".


2004.05.09, 12:37 PM
Numerous photos have been added to 4 of the 12 albums in Gallery TNB. There is also a new 13th Album: TNB RCP Mini-Tile (It's on page 1 of 2).

2004.05.23, 04:16 PM
I recently posted a photo of and uploaded several photos of my newly converted Fly Slot Car truck into an MR-02mm.

Sample Photo of MR-02 Truck (http://mini-zracer.com/albums/album291/02truckSide.jpg)

Here are more details.

I used the mounts from a BMW AutoScale body since it was $10.00. The wire coming out the back is actually for the transponder but I made an adapter so it will run the truck headlights (which have a capacitor so they will stay on instead of dim when not using the throttle). The front end may be too low so I may raise it--I recently lowered it for the Enzo. I didn't leave the truck tanks and hitch in since I'm using the MR-02 rear shock. I tried the hitch alone, but I still didn't think there was enough clearance with the rear shock.

The Fly truck bodies may also be slightly different since it appears that I had to dremel more of the front wheel wells than the other two locals (photos in Gallery TNB). Then again, I'm not sure if they actually used an Enzo front body mount like I did so I'll have to check out their "trucks" again. Myself, I wanted to swap out the truck body with the Enzo body. However, I actually attached an Enzo front body mount to the truck body, so I have to remove the two screws from the mount before using the Enzo body which has its own separate front body mount. It may be a little pain in the rear, but it is only two screws.

Although I haven't actually tested it yet, it should run fine and it should be "racing" down the large 4L in a couple of hours. :)

2004.06.09, 11:59 PM
Added some albums and some photos; deleted some photos.... There were even turn marshalls. :)

Tigger the Turn marshall. (http://mini-zracer.com/albums/album313/RCPtmTig3.jpg)

See Gallery TNB for more photos.

2004.06.13, 11:48 AM
First, I removed all the suspension arm sets then I relocated the front pillow ball set to the lower set of screws. I then used some of the plastic from the “toy” rock crawler to make a lift kit. The lift kit has three holes: One to mount it to the chasses with the shaft set, a second to mount the stock Overland shocks (the extra set of four), and a third hole to mount the suspension arms. I also cut a small piece of brass tubing to fit over the shaft sets and small pieces of fuel tubing to mount between the shocks mounted on the lift kit. I used Losi Mini-T turnbuckles to mount the stock Overland shocks to the lift kit. It crawls pretty good forward, but when it is running in reverse it binds unless I lift the rear end just slightly. It’s fine when I push it manually. I’ll work on it, but who needs reverse. My Mini-T doesn’t even have reverse along with most of my other R/C cars.


Edit: Reverse was a simple fix. I simply adjusted the chassis setting by moving the rear suspension arms to the middle position.

2004.06.14, 03:07 AM
Tonight, Tigger and I have been working on a Mini-Z-trailer. Four work-in-progress photos are in Gallery TNB, Album F1 Trailer-In-Progress. Here is a sample photo of Tigger lending a helping paw.


2004.06.23, 10:16 PM
The new Jordon Ford F1 arrived today so there are now numerous new F1 photos in Gallery TNB. If you haven't stopped by in awhile, there are also new group photos, Overland photos, and so on. If there are any questions, simply ask.

2004.07.11, 08:21 PM
track looks really nice :cool: !

2004.07.11, 09:51 PM
Thanks for the compliment.

PS: Thanks to RCP for manufacturing the track.

2004.07.18, 09:04 PM
Any chance you could make a how to or something like that for how you did that. Even just a picture of each part seperated would help.
First, you may want to read the “Overland Crawler with 8 shocks” post above. I removed the extra shocks and fuel tubing from the home made lift kit mentioned earlier. Then I cut several pieces of all thread: one piece for each extended shock, one piece for each upper suspension arm, and one piece for each extension for the upper suspension arms. I also cut some brass tubing to fit over the extensions for the suspension arms and to add some support to the lift kit where I removed the fuel tubing. See the photos in Gallery TNB, Album: BMWs (Includes Crawler) and Gallery TNB, Album: MMT or OL.

Suspension Arms: The stock suspension arms were then cut into two ½ pieces and pieces of all-thread screwed in between. The front most forward screws were then removed and all-thread screwed into the holes (I plan to try and angle the top part into a sort of “L” shape in order to see if it helps with the articulation). Pieces of brass were then slid over the all-thread and the suspension arms held down with plastic wheel nuts. The other ends of the front suspension arms were then attached to the top of the chassis or the PCB cover—note, I did “not” attach the arms to the shock stays because I was trying to form a “V” and clear the shocks. The rear suspension arms were set up pretty much the same way except that they were attached to the shock stays.

Shocks: The toy shocks were taken from a $5 extreme crawler (?) found at Wal-Mart. I also used scrap plastic from the same Wal-Mart crawler to make the chassis lift kit briefly discussed under “Overland Crawler with 8 shocks”—basically four pieces of plastic with holes in it to attach the “lower” suspension arms (also MV08) to the main chassis (MV01). Pieces of all-thread were simply “screwed” through the toy “ball caps” into the Mini-Z ball caps. This should allow the toy shock cap to screw up the all-thread making the spring tension adjustable and still allow the shocks to use the Mini-Z ball caps. Then I slid the top part of the shock over the all-thread (without the spring) and screwed a Mini-Z plastic wheel nut over the all thread. I then “dremeled” the plastic wheel nut until it would fit inside the shock—now this end of the shock is also adjustable (I may also plastic dip the part below the nut). I then removed the wheel nut and the upper portion of the shock in order to add the shock spring. Assemble the shock, adjust it, and install it. If an OL body lift is also done, like the stock Monster, the shocks can also be modified so that they will rise even more simply by changing the shock top mounts so that the all-thread will go all the way though the top shock mounts instead of hitting the top of the mount. Myself, I think the body looks too high with the Monster tires and wheels. The first set of crawler tires and wheels don’t give the OL as much support and it will turn over easier—I previously used Pine Wood Derby weights on help keep the raised OL from flipping over.

2004.07.20, 12:39 AM
Thanks, and BTW the links broken

2004.07.20, 12:47 AM
Not the Gallery TNB or Thread TNB links. :confused: If it is to a photo link, I tend to upload, delete, and move photos quite a bit. I also created several sub-albums in the Overland album instead of having a bunch of OL photos tossed in there. I did the same thing with the F1s. That would explain why a photo link may be broken. :rolleyes:

2004.08.22, 01:48 PM
Picked up the new trailer last night and trailered the F1 Ferrari #1 to Bill's Body Shop. There are more photos in Gallery TNB.

#1 on Trailer (http://mini-zracer.com/albums/album450/F1ferS_Garage3.jpg)

Ramp view (http://mini-zracer.com/albums/album450/F1ferS_Garage5.jpg)

Shop View (http://mini-zracer.com/albums/album450/F1ferS_Garage1.jpg)

2004.08.22, 04:07 PM
nice :D i like your whole setup there. makes me want to do some things for my overland trail like picture backdrop of trees or something. if i had the room i'd add some accessory buildings...

what from and where did you get the trailer?

2004.08.22, 04:29 PM
I'd bet you have more room than I do--that is why I set the track up outside in the driveway. Regarding the trailer...

Georgia Marketing & Promotions/Peachstate or simply GMP. The items are expensive, but the quality is pretty high, and the LHS aren't giving any price breaks compared to what is shown on the website. Upon purchasing the trailer, the owner of the LHS started to tell me about some other tools. Ironically, I was the person who mentioned them to him after purchasing the lift and some of the tools at a different LHS. The other store is simply not carrying any trailers other than static plastic model trailers. I may get the welder set, but I may just order it myself now that I know the website unless the "first" LHS gets them in since they don't appear to mark the prices up as high. I really do try to support the LHS but I can only take a bite in the rear at full retail if not higher so many times and if the LHS has to order something, I might as well order it myself.


By the way, I think I've surpassed the types of Zs listed as a title for this thread. What do you think? "TNB's Z-Collection plus"