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2003.12.22, 11:27 PM
Attached is a photo of the Mini-Z track at Dansey's located in Las Vegas, Nevada (where the 2003 Kyosho Mini-Z Cup was held). "The track measures approximately 25ft. x 16ft." I've also added the link to the hobby shop's website.


2003.12.22, 11:41 PM
Again, I wish I was heading out there during my vaca this year! I could maybe drag one or two guys with me, but they have kids, that makes it hard for them to get away.


2003.12.23, 01:26 AM
TNB, nice pictures of the track. Next time you see Dave, let him know that there are probably over 100 different configurations you can create with the number of tiles used in this track. Dave is looking to expand this track with wider lane widths for the 1/18 scale cars. We will be sending him some blank tiles sometime in January. He has also expressed interests in building a large Overland track out of our RCP off road tiles. We should have this track available for him shortly.

2003.12.23, 06:55 PM
I downloaded and printed out the smaller layouts of the track and showed it to him last week (large oval, couple of L's), but nothing with the number of layouts used to form the Dansey's track. However, if you could provide any diagrams with the number of sections used to create the track at Dansey's (and expansions), it would be helpful.

I don't know about expanding the track for 1/18th scale, but there was some talk about expanding the lanes to allow "rental" mini-Z parties. Myself, I'd rather not have wider lanes because my running would probably get more sloppy unlike the current more technical setup which requires more attention. Right or wrong, good or bad, I told David that I thought a good way to get more people into RC was through the smaller scale cars, such as the Mini-Z then eventually move them all the way up to something like the 1/5 scale FG Formula 1.

I also spoke to David about an Overland track since other LHS are selling them now and since 1/2 of the "Mini-Z" room is vacant--some of the foreign tracks look pretty neat. Right now, only a few people use the other half of the room and that is usually when testing another car, myself included or when I get bored and have my Mini-T or my 1/12 scale Yokomo with me.

Considering the number of Overlands recently sold in the local area hobby stores, this town could probably support an Overland track if the word spread about the track itself which is mostly left to word-of-mouth since in my opinion, the larger franchise stores don't recommend anyone to the independants. One of the franchises has also apparently taken over one of the local dirt tracks so they may shift their promotion tactics as well.

Then there are those people who are trying to get Dansey's to remove the Mini-Z track all together. I guess they are not satisfied with all the other tracks in the area. What gets me is that there was not that much support when it was an indoor carpet track.

For those first time readers, no, I don't get a commission or anything out of Dansey's though I may be found there two or three times per week. I've only been into R/C for just under a year and already own over a dozen R/C cars. However, I've enjoyed the help I've received from Dansey's thus far when it comes to every vehicle I've purchased from them or elsewhere ranging from my Mini-Zs to my 1/4 scale. Quite frankly, I can simply ask questions, get support, and not expect someone to sell me something else just to make a sale.

2004.02.02, 11:09 AM
The Dansey's RCP track is getting pretty busy Friday and Saturday nights if anyone is interested in joining in the fun.

2004.02.02, 07:40 PM
I would, but looks like the soonest I'll be making it to Vegas will be in August. :(


2004.02.05, 02:06 AM
Attached is a photo from Wednesday's action. Only five of us were there but the MiniZ's still made a good showing. I should have brought all my extra bodies.

2004.02.05, 06:41 PM
nice track, got to be lucky to live in the neighbourhood of 1 like that. Really big...the way it should be I guess

and a nice parade of mini-z's :D lovely

2004.02.06, 12:43 PM
I'm just getting to the point of trashing my PVC stuff and taking the plundge into an RCP track. How many wide "L's" and Wide ovals do I need to recreate this track featured in this post?


2004.02.17, 10:50 PM
It is my understanding that the track is made up of 4 L's.