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2003.12.23, 11:04 AM
I was told at my LHS that the MR-02 NSX does not have the upgraded electronics, including brakes. I am assuming that he is spouting drivel, but I wanted to be sure before I put in an order for the new NSX. Can anyone who has one confirm or deny this?

2003.12.23, 01:16 PM
This guy likely does not know the difference between the older NSX MR01 and the newer MR02 NSX kits... so if u order one youll probly get the old one lol... the new NSX I believe is instock in this sites shop...



2003.12.23, 03:07 PM
I didn't say I was going to order from him :) Actually we were talking about something else and his comment came up, normally he is pretty clueless, but he seemed sure of this. To me it would seem to be a step backwards, so I doubt him.

2003.12.23, 06:36 PM
I am pretty sure the only change from the Enzo and MR02 NSX is the motor mount, and that's it. I do beleve the electronics are the same. The owner of that LHS is maybe trying to move some old stock.

2003.12.23, 07:17 PM
The Enzo MR-02mm brakes, then goes into reverse. The NSX MR-02rm goes into reverse right away like the MR-01's I've driven but not owned. Other than the braking characteristic and the rear mount, the NSX chassis pretty much looks like the Enzo chassis. I don't have my parts books or cars in front of me right now, so I can't compare the cars line-by-line.

2003.12.23, 07:30 PM
some one take the top covr off the NSX MR02R and take a photo of the PCB for me?

2003.12.23, 07:31 PM
hehe, wouldn't it be funny if kyosho is just making 015 conversions and selling them as 02's...(this is what i assumed the 02 nsx was, minus the new electronics)

2003.12.23, 07:33 PM
I'd like to see that pic myself.

2003.12.23, 07:44 PM
...Hmm...02 electronics are SUPPOSED to have brakes...does that mean that KYOSH IS trying to pass off old ESC's? Sounds abit suspect doesnt it?

2003.12.23, 08:33 PM
Both my MR-02rm and MR-02mm have "MR-02 Chassis Receiver Unit RA-4 designed by KO PROPO" on it. However, I don't plan to take it apart just for a photo op. The parts list for the MR-02RM (NSX) lists a MZ209 as does the MR-02 (Enzo booklet).

I wouldn't think that my Futaba radio settings are effecting the braking either since I originally copied my Enzo settings over to the NSX. I also try to keep the throttle trim adjusted down until the car doesn't make any sound. And according to the provided manuals at page 8, the "Neutral Position Adjuster" is not operative with the stock radios.

Either way, my NSX MR-02rm seems to go into reverse immediately instead of having a delay like my Enzo MR-02mm, which is like a double forward trigger to engage reverse.

2003.12.23, 09:11 PM
I have both mm and rm.The nsx does have brake just like enzo.

2003.12.23, 10:36 PM
So which radio are you using with both your Enzo and NSX?
Do either your Enzo or NSX "delay" before engaging reverse?

2003.12.23, 10:51 PM
Im useing the radio that comes with.I think there is a slight delay.

2003.12.23, 11:53 PM
I just dug out one of my stock radios and ran the NSX MR-02rm on the kitchen tile floor using both the stock radio and my T3PK. At the slow speed I ran the NSX just now, the NSX brakes and requires a double forward trigger to engage reverse with both radios although the T3PK seems to engage reverse with less trigger (same procedure as in the supplied instructions). Perhaps when Iím racing the NSX on the Mini-Z track, it seems like reverse is engaging immediately because the NSX is running a lot faster and is still rolling forward when it slams into reverse. However, I donít know why it would seem so noticeable to me on the Mini-Z track, along with several other regular Mini-Z drivers I know, when both my NSX and Enzo are set-up the same (motor, tires, wheels, internal antennas and so on) with the exception of the pinion gear. Perhaps one of the guys changed my NSX radio setting without my knowledge, but as I wrote before, I originally copied my Enzo radio settings to the NSX model setting (and noticed the difference immediately). I guess the easiest thing to do would be to recopy the Enzo radio settings to the NSX and see if the NSX braking characteristics have changed to be more like the Enzo or vice-a-versa.

Edit: Or take or borrow a stock radio at the track and see if the NSX brakes or engages reverse any differently.

2003.12.24, 07:54 AM
I have seen where if I use the same controller for my 2 overlands, I have to make adjustments to the trim for both the steering and throutle (sp?) My BMW would be perfect but then my Pajero would only have breaks and no reverse. I would make my adjustment and then the Pajero would be great but switching back to the X5 I would not have breaks but only reverse. I would have to make another adjustment and then be back to normal. That is what this sounds like. the differences with the two cars is just enough to make it appear that there are no breaks. Only thing to do if you are using the stock transmitters is to use one for one. If you are using a transmitter that you can have multiple setups in memory, then you need to make them seperate for the two cars. (or make the changes as you switch between cars)

2003.12.24, 11:04 AM
The stearing trim is a lot different between the two cars, but the throttle trim didn't seem like it was that much different. However, the next time I run the NSX on the track (hopefully today if I get out of here early before the LHS closes early), I'll recheck the throttle settings on the NSX and if need be any other radio settings (it currently has its own memory setting). I'll also try a stock radio since it doesn't have all the fancy "hidden" options. After all, I would like to have a happy medium between the two cars--a little faster reverse on the Enzo and a little more brake on the NSX when I'm driving the cars on the track.

2003.12.24, 02:54 PM
Good point Paul,I use to run 2 mini-zs off of one radio also with results like you had,always needed slight adjustments.Now i try to have a radio for each car.

2003.12.24, 09:41 PM
I just returned from the LHS. After installing new stainless steel kingpins, installing a ball diff set, and chaning the rear tires to wide 30's on both the Ezno and the NSX, the NSX was ready to rock-n-roll. I adjusted the throttle trim on the T3PK numerous clicks and ran the NSX, it now had brakes but seemed to drag. I then adjusted both the diff and the throttle trim.

To make a long story short, the NSX had brakes even on the track.

I then adjusted the throttle trim back out so the NSX doesn't have brakes or if it does, there is a very, very little delay time before the NSX engages reverse. It also appears that even one "click" on the throttle trim makes a big difference. And as soon as I can get the Enzo back on the road, I'll adjust it so it runs more like the NSX does now.

I also gave away a stock radio for X-mas. Happy Holidays everyone.