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2003.12.23, 11:56 PM
I will be buying a mini-z very soon. Any suggestions on what hop ups i should get right away, or spare parts i will need. Also can u run these little guys on tile floor "12 by 12 tile". If not any removeable floor coverings u guys favor "cheap" is the key word hee > Thank u in advance for ur help..

Ps saw a track on line made of roofing material that (paper)? they lay before setting tiles. cheap, but its paper isn't it?

2003.12.24, 05:29 PM
The easiest and best bang for the buck hopup you can get is gripier tires. The kit tires are very hard and can't get traction on hardly anything. Bearings are a good idea, not so much to increase speed, but for durability. The plastic bushings wear out pretty quick and create excessive slop which will make your car handle inconsistently.

As for a track surface, I use interlocking foam tiles that you can buy at Sam's Club or Pep Boy's or Checker Auto. They range in price from $16.00 for 8 2X2 tiles to $10 for 4. You will find it pretty much impossible to get traction or good handling on a tile floor, Z's don't handle those grooves well at all. As for the roofing paper I'd imagine it would work, it's a very heavy paper with tar coated on one side, the challenge will be keeping it from moving.