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2001.11.13, 02:52 PM
Some say 32" is comfortable... wich seems a bit big to me, but what would the minimum tolerable be from curb to curb width? And not going super fast, just stock speeds and maybe even a 3 battery car...

I was gona make a track that was about 400mm or 16" curb to curb... even in the corners... to see if it was tolerable. Its about 4 lanes, giving 4" per lane.

Basicly if you had a stock motor/car and only 3 cells in it.. how well could u handle a track that maintains 16" all they way through it?

2001.11.13, 02:57 PM
I'd say it should be ok if the car's not going that fast. What you could do is find a smooth parking lot and draw one up with chalk first (wonder where I got that idea :) ) before spending some $$ on your track.


2001.11.13, 03:35 PM
My friend in HK says he races with 14inch lanes (curb to curb)
he says that is close to scale.
when I make my ozite track, I will be using 18inch roads. We race mini-z and F-1. from stock, to totaly modified.
18-22 is my personal prefeance.
Any bigger, and there is too much room! and cars seem to hit each other at more extreme angles and speed because there is so much room.
Any smaller and it starts to feel much too confined.


2001.11.13, 05:08 PM
Well that extreme angle thing might be what tips my scale into the go for it choice, as apose to the make it bigger choice, I was going to do 3 lanes ;) but wanted to let each car have 2 lanes of control while passing...

if 18" is tolerable then 16" will do nicely for my plan... I my self might run 4 cells, but the GUEST cars, will be 3 cell, or maybe even 2 cell, for rookies ;).

I have a rather ODD place I am going to build my track... to save space.. very very odd place.. ;) -- If Iever get the materials to start it I will get pictures taken, for now its a 2D cad drawing, till I get the size right then im gona 3D it.. just cuz I want too.. and to see if the ramp area I need will fit...

Hmm speaking of my ramp, how about over passes? and tracks that run above another strip.. in parralel (the best space saver), 7" enough clearance? for sight and antenna? I only got 15" of vertical room so 7" per track and another for supports im gona cram in there.

2001.11.13, 05:59 PM
my track has a 32inch wide roadway, which I find works well. We did what Russ is suggesting and drew it up at the school yard with chalk. The wide width suited the space contraints (17'x12') and our driving traits (wild and fast)

post up your cad plans for your track :) I'd love to see em. Saw your CAD mini-z on your site. Awesome work


2001.11.13, 07:04 PM
Like I said a space saver, this version and the jpg of it.. is older then my cad mini-Z ... this particular layout was for humor purposes that wound up being sorta pratical, if you can put up with the blind spots, on the curves no less ;) wich would be less blind in the final version more of a gradual ramp, and not directly on top of each other... slightly different.

I even made one model that went up another 4 levels ;) .. each level could potentialy have a different trick to it.. a bend a curve whatever...

Any way this particular layout was scrapped for one with less blind spots.


http://members.home.net/draconious/Images/INCARVIEW.jpg (way before I made my 3d mini z hehe)

the 3D Mini-Z chassis again:

2001.11.13, 11:35 PM
woah, looks wild. hope it works out for you
make sure the cars can't fly off the top tier :)


2001.11.14, 12:18 PM
One other thing I would like to point out:
The higher above the track you are, the more accurate you can be with your driving. It gives a better judgement of distance, so you can cut the corners closer, and use more of the road, thus faster lap times.
With over passes, that will make it difficult to have a higher point of view, and make it more difficult to judge distance.
Just something I have noticed from the tracks I have made, and racing I have done :)


2001.11.14, 01:51 PM
Both are reasons that track idea was scrapped, but it was drawn to see just how bad the blind spots would be.. when I lower the point of view you can see a LOT more of the track, but like said, the higher view was preferable. But the track could always be banked on the single over passes ;).

2001.11.15, 06:11 AM
My future track (don't got a car yet) will be 50cm wide, is that enough ?

2001.11.15, 12:44 PM
That would be 500mm vs my 400mm (16")

2001.11.15, 01:42 PM
hey drac, what are you usin for guardrails/border/whatever?

2001.11.15, 01:48 PM
That would be 500mm vs my 400mm (16")

That's pretty ok then for me :)

2001.11.15, 05:21 PM
if you ask because of that picture... thats just graphics... no design there... however I have a weird thing that I want to test before I tell ppl to do it.. I was told that it would work, want to make sure he wasnt full of guano. If it checks out ok, I will post pics and a how too. But basicly the end product is to bend the edge of the track up 90degrees... kinda hard to explain my final track isnt going to be a flat carpet with moveable things in the middle.... its kinda silly.

2002.08.25, 08:44 PM
Any one happen to have my Mini-Z_Track .jpg file? oh well guess ill have to render another one it disapeared form my HD ;)

2002.08.26, 05:21 PM

Our club track is 32-36". For 3 cars it seems to be fine. With 4 it is getting tight. But, LOL, we aren't pro drivers either!

2002.08.26, 05:24 PM
I'm going to be using 22'' width... modular design.

Also, there will be sections that will only have half that width, for single car areas (pit entrance/exit, and a chicane)

I'll post pics once i get a bit farther into it...