View Full Version : new track coming up

2003.12.29, 02:04 AM
Ha! all the Canadian, what up? I'm just wondering how is the trend of mini-z in your city, I am living in Calgary and trying to open a mini-z track(s) along with a Cafe, playing bestmotoring video, free magazines, comic book retal...etc. how is this sound like? any other ideas?

2003.12.29, 03:30 PM
Been wanting to do this my self, but building rental is too much to bother with... I wanted to have pizza etc as well, if not a pizza store next door... as well as a few arcade machines, and even a PC-Rental type of area in the back, for mini-lan parties....

... eh ...

"could not resist"

2003.12.29, 06:24 PM
Hm. yeah! need some pizza of course, arrcade too, but PC's need too much start up cost, and getta keep upgarde them, and games etc.... so maybe not at the beginning. Yeah, I went to make a place for people to hang out, but not for boys only, so getta need some for the girls, too.