View Full Version : i just wanted to say

2004.01.01, 12:25 AM
that i think this is the best mini-z site to order from, i just casted my 2'nd order in 3 days! its awsome and i feel happy to support the forums alot, i even made a banner and but in my track it reads '' www.mini-racer.com '' i cant wait intill miniz racer parts/murchandise come out, ill just be happy to support this sight, i just wanted to say thanks to mini-z and everyone else that helps out and supports the forums,

thanks evereyone



ps i am so sorry miniz, here i am saying how great you guys are when i see the forum below for comments, im sorry, it can be moved right?

2004.01.05, 12:58 PM
Thanks Marc! :)