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2002.01.28, 03:40 PM
I just had myself a break-through discovery, I found a really nice, non-slip track surface, that my Mini-Z likes. It's called "Magic Grip" which is a soft, non-slip liner thing for just about anything. There is also something called "Top Map Plus" which looks a little smoother. This stuff provides a lot of traction, and it is almost (almost, if not) impossible to spin out on it, and it is not too bumpy, so my Mini-Z would ride pretty well on it, (my Mini-Z is still stock). The sheets I have found are 12 in. X 5 feet, and sell for about $2.00-$3.00, so it really isn't too expensive. I like it a lot, and thought I might just tell you guys about it in case anybody wanted to know a good traction surface for their Z, but this stuff is better for speed, not really sliding... at all.

This stuff is made by a wierd company called American Non-Slip Products Inc. (http://www.americannonslip.com/) I hope the moderators don't mind that I put that there, I don't really think that this forum would want to sell that stuff.

Hope that helps, and tell me what you guys think about it!


2002.01.28, 09:20 PM
Can't really tell from the site - is it like that shelf liner stuff? Seems like it would be super bumpy?

2002.01.29, 01:29 PM
It is like that shelf-liner stuff... The stuff I have is some kitchen Magic Grip. It does look really bumby, but my Z doesn't seem to be affected at all by that, maybe because it's running fast over it so it doesn't have to full effect of the bumps, or that the stuff is cushiony enough that the bumps sink and level under the wheels.

I also thought at first that it looked way to bumpy, but I thought I'd just try it for the heck of it anyway... and it seems that the bumps don't really have too much effect on the mini-z... Oh well, it also could be that I'm running on a 12in x 5ft piece which may not be big enough to notice these things...

It'd be best if somebody else would try it... so they could say what they think, because I know one opinion doesn't seem so amazing, but I do like it, and think that people should try it, for a whole $2.50, I think it's worth a try.