View Full Version : My First Stab At Custom Work For The Mad Force

2004.01.06, 04:32 PM
i took advantage of the down time since the front damper is busted....

this is just something i put together in about 10-20 min's using an existing light bar setup. it's all rough design work right now, prototyping if you will...

they can be seen HERE (http://mini-zracer.com/gallery/album112)


Bad Company
2004.01.06, 05:49 PM
Sweet! Looks better than a prototype to me. If you decide to make these and sell them like your racks, I'll be your first customer. Nice work arch!

2004.01.08, 09:07 PM
Nice job Arch.

2004.01.09, 01:09 AM
is the light bar functional or is it just for looks?

McLaren F1 T3
2004.01.09, 09:16 AM
usually when arch puts up a light bar, its a real custom made one by him,, so i am assuming its arch's. nice job arch, staring to make it look like a baja.

2004.01.09, 11:28 AM
yep, it's functional:D the stup is more for prototyping so it's not wired correctly and i'm out of 3mm leds to finish off the light kit and i had to zip tie the wires to the metal frame. i'm usually not happy with my work until the 2nd or 3rd version.
th enice thing is is scers in using the existing hoels and screws! no new holes or anything needed.

2004.01.09, 12:32 PM
Could try a double tube roll bar. I think the prototype look's good so far. Doesnt the rear need to be fastened down somehow? Make it nice and strong and you could use it for a camera mount. I would like to see an over-the-top video from one.
I will be looking forward to the how-to on this one.

2004.01.14, 07:32 AM
that's a good idea;)

in general i try to reduce the number of new holes required as much as possible. this one uses the stock holes and screws but your right, the back will have to be fastened to keep it from getting ripped off in rollovers.