View Full Version : Anyone from Sydney, Australia ????

2002.01.28, 11:19 PM
I'm looking for fellow mini-zers to setup a race club in sydney, aus.

2002.01.29, 05:42 AM
I'm in Syd, Oz. Havent had much time for club stuff though. Let me know how you go :D

Aesch :)

P.S. Where you gonna set it up?

2002.01.29, 09:11 PM
I live around the city area. Very close to Broadway shopping centre and I'm thinking of setting it up there as there is an indoor basketball court nearby.

Where do you live ??

2002.01.29, 09:59 PM
I'm in Balmain but I work north of the city :)

Aesch :)

2002.01.29, 11:36 PM
Thats great !!!!:D
Do you know anyone who owns a mini-z who lives around that area and interested in setting up a club or a race meeting ???
Do you race your mini or know where you can race them ???

2002.01.30, 04:06 AM
I own a Lancer, but hopefully soon to be an MR-S. The Lancer is ready to be repainted :)

I don't know anyone else in this area with a Mini-Z, but have a few friends who want 1. They still find the cost a bit prohibitive.

Try Wings and Things in Gladesville. Last time I went there, they mentioned that they have a track 'round the back.

I havent raced my Mini-Z. I use it primarily to tool around with and do jumps and stuff. Haven't really though of racing. My control isn't there yet :)

Aesch :)

2002.01.30, 10:07 PM
"jumps" are you sure that's recommended ?
Racing isnt about winning !!! its about having fun and trust me is not that hard !!! i dont know about u but i find it very boring to play by myself.:eek:

I own a mini F1 with a Ferrari Body on it. Havent touch it much thought cause I dont have the battery for it but it should arrive next wk (i bought it off the net from ebay much cheaper, about AU$5 for a 700 mah nimh AAA including the postage).
I'm thinking of maybe buying the new Ferrari Modenna mini, the body looks way cool !!!!
If your friends find the car a bit $$$ in oz then why not buy it off the net ?
I bought my off the net from HK, it cost me AU$300 including the postage to oz (express, 2 days). Hobbyco have it for $390 for the F1 version and they dont even have the Ferrari one.
http://mini-zone.************/ - here is a site that i find stuff to be cheaper. I didnt buy it off this site thought
or you can goto www.********* and check it out
Wingsnthings in gladesville ?? uhmmm, never been there, when was the last time did you visited ??
i have seen some of the other threads that you posted, my advice to you is dont buy stuff from the US or oz (althought it would be great for our economy)
I buy stuff for my 1/10 scale F1 and my mini F1 from either HK or Japan.
Hey, do u have the xspeed motor installed ? I'm curious how fast it can go with that motor. I've ran the standard motor b4 and find it quite fast to control in a small space area. Its even harder to control then my 1/10 scale F1 which can do some serious speed (60 ++ km/h)

2002.01.30, 10:11 PM
sorry about the site !!! it looks like the admi of this site has gone to some serious length to promote their site (i dont blame them)
if u want the site, just let me know your email and i will send them to you

2002.01.30, 11:16 PM
luchiano, please try to be a bit more thoughtful when posting, phrases like "my advice to you is dont buy stuff from the US " are rather offensive to us as our Shop finances the very forum to which you are posting. We ask that users not post pricing information and links to competitors. Please try to observe these requests in future! :D

2002.01.31, 05:46 AM
Heya Luchiano,

No it isn't recommended, but it looks so preetty flying over the jump. :D Now you know why I'm looking an alloy parts :p

So long as it is fun, whether it is racing or just tooling around, that's what matters, fun!! :) I've been out of the RC scene for about 12 years or so,I'm just getting back into it, so I'm taking it slowly. My brain works so slow, I'm still getting the hang of lefts and rights when the car is coming towards you or going away :)

Glad to hear you are getting your 700mAH batts :) As for my friends, they have more important priorities, and I wont push them. They can come over and play with mine. I doubt that I'll stop at 1 car :D The Modena does look really good!! I'm still waiting for a Castrol Supra or something like that. (Hmmm, I must be a Toyota kind of guy) :D

Far as I know Wings in Gladesville was selling the F1 ones for the same price as the tintop ones. Went there last Sunday. It's on Victoria Road itself, near Freedom. They have heaps of Kyosho parts, but the prices for the parts are the same as every other shop I've been to. (Too expensive) They do not stock any other brands for mini-Zs

I checked out a few sites in HK and Japan, but the prices aren't that much cheaper than the States, and for some reason or other, the shipping costs seem ridiculously astronomical. Maybe I'm going to the wrong sites. Anyway, I don't mind buying stuff from this place, I've gained heaps of info from here, and if me buying stuff from them keeps the boards open, I don't mind paying a wee bit extra. Information is always precious. :) Being so new to the field, the information about what part is the same quality but x times cheaper is very helpful.

Anyways, let me know how you go with the club. I'll prolly join up sooner or later if you do start 1. Try Wings, they do have a few people who work there who have Mini-Zs and they do have a track, maybe they already have a club!!

Aesch :)

P.S. No Xspeed as yet, gonna run the heck outta the original first :D

2002.01.31, 08:38 PM
well You r the only one that I know who owns a mini-z so it could be abit of a problem...
i will drop into wingsnthings and see wat happen.....
i will let u know how it go....
let me if u can persuade your friends to buy the mini-z...
i need ppl to join.......

2002.02.03, 08:50 PM
i drop into wingsnthings and they said that the track is only available to staff (rather stupid, they havent consider the benefit of ppl going there to race and buy stuff from them)
anyway, i think i will try to generate some interest by posting a flyer at hobbyco (not sure if they going to let me but i doubt that they will refuse)
i will keep in touch....

2002.02.03, 09:11 PM
That's stupid of Wings. They mentioned to me that they had a track 'round the back, and I should have a look. Guess that's all they wanted me to do, look.

I was reading on another messageboard where someone mentioned that they had mini-Zs (about 6 of them) and that they were in Sydney. If I can find it again, I'll let you know

Aesch :)

2002.03.05, 06:02 PM
Where exactly will the track be, in your area that is ?
Near Westfield shopping town ?

2002.03.06, 04:10 AM
Heya guys!..
i'm from Syd too :)
been on the search for a track to race on.. but haven't any luck
'lilpiggi' your from liverpool?
Kool, i live in fairfield :D

Keep us up to date with the tracks PLS!!.. :)

2002.03.31, 03:39 AM
I live in newcastle and would be very interested in coming down and racing ever so often.


2002.04.01, 05:27 AM
wassup dude??? im from macquarie fields and wonderin if there's any news with da track around liverpool??? there's 5 of us juss waitin and itchin for a proper track to be set somewhere. but if its at liverpool, its all good!!!! jus live 10mins away!! :D.


2002.04.02, 12:18 AM
yahh!.. :D
we are ALL seriously hangning for a track..!! :p
man why can't they make one in cabra or something.. LOL!..
but anyway, Liverpool would be great!.. :p

hey guys, can you's help me out a little!?!?...
i threaded one of my screws, the 1 on the H bar connecting to the engine mount!.. :(
and i honestly do not know wat to do, not that i need to do anything with it atm, but it's just that i'll have to replace the whole thing if i don't find out how to fix the prob, and because im a cheap A$S, it is of great concern!!..
thanks people! :)

2002.04.02, 02:58 AM
I have two shreaded screw but its impossible to fix them cause they r so small. I just leave them there

2002.04.02, 05:14 AM
sup dan???? if ur screws for da motor mount is ****ed up maybe u could try chrome screws from a cassette tape, im pretty sure its da same size. nice riceboy colour too!!! lol!!!:D but its all good at least it help to fix ur problem!!!:p


2002.04.02, 05:32 AM
The prob. is not findign a the right screw to fix it but to take it out !!!
I shreaded my screws and I posted the prob. on this forum and some guy suggested to me to use a small file to make a new "hole"
I've tried this but it didnt work for me !!! Maybe I'm just **** at crafting.
Its quite hard to do this without doing damage to the chassis as the screw head is so close to teh plastics.
Its worth a try if you r desperate if not, dont bother !!!

2002.04.06, 03:45 AM
thanks dude!..
damn small screws ! :(
y'd did mini -z'z have to be so small.. LOL!..
i think thats the reason i bought them.. heheheh
but anyways.. it doesn't really matter though, because if anything, i'll replace the engine mount with a metal 1 or someting n future.. oh well..!
thanks anyway guys!..:)

2002.05.04, 08:41 AM
Hey guys ,

I recently bought a mini-z and am wondering if there has been a track set up in Sydney yet? I live near the city (newtown) and would be keen race just for fun if anyone has any ideas where we could do it. The lounge in my apartment is just a bit to small. :)


leigh ;)

2002.05.04, 06:37 PM
hey leigh
I live in Glebe or near Broadway shoppping centre (very close to Newtow)
I'm planning to sell my mini F1 but it doesnt look like anyone is buying it.
anyway, if u r ever drop by maybe we can do some battle :D

P.s I was going to setup a track but got lazy cause there;s nobody near by (I know of) to race !!!
And yeh, i was going to use the basketball court at Newtow north public school to setup a track for my 1/10 scale but after taking my F1 Ferrari there yesterday for a spin, I'm having second thought as there is too much dust on the trak making it impossible to drive in terms of grip but the surface there is definitely the smoothest I ever driven !!

2002.05.05, 08:13 AM
Hey Luchiano ,

It's cool you live so close by. Would be cool if we could meet up sometime and have some fun. I actually took my Z down to the carpark of our apartment building today. It wasn't too bad.The concrete is quite smooth but a bit dusty. Had to give the car a good clean afterwards. There is plenty of space there , only prob is you couldn't set up any sort of proper track because you have to let real cars through occasionally. What we really need is an indoor basketball court or something like that to hire out every now and then. Or inside Broadway shopping Centre :D . Hmmm Sydney Uni is just across the street from me. I wonder if there are any good areas there ?

2002.05.07, 01:45 AM
We wil definitely meet up sometime and have a race :D
I just dont know when or where ?!
i dont know when cause my my F1 is not in the condition to race at the moment as I have lost the front king pin which means I only have 3 wheels right now :(
I quite like the basketball court at Newtown-north public school (its very close to sydney uni broadway). But as I've said the track does have dust and other objects such as small tree branches. The surface is extremely smooth !! So with a little bit of work that place can be made into a real nice track !!
There is an indoor basketball court next to Broadway shopping centre but it belongs to the Leichartd council and i dont think its free on the weekend. It cost something like $30 per hr to hire :( Too Expensive !!!
Inside Broadway ?? hmmm i dont think so !!!
Sydney Uni will definitely have indoor basketball court but i doubt that they will let us use it as they probably use it for training for their basketball team !!

2002.05.08, 11:22 PM
luchiano ,

let me know when you have your F1 going again and we will organise to meet up somewhere :-) . I will try and keep an eye out for good places to go. I might check out that school in Newtown over the weekend sometime if I get a chance.


2002.05.10, 04:19 PM
Dont worry guys i will get the parts for my F1 next wk or so.

I also have the X-speed motor in my car but i have an F1 so i cant compare !!! But i do notice that with the X-speed motor in my F1, you need plenty of spaces in order to see the difference in speed. And the basketball court at Newtown certainly have the space (its about 20 metre long and 7 or 8 metre wide)
I dont know where in syd. that have all the stuff you mention but I think hobbyco may have the light kit and the body, as I've seen heaps of hop-ups there. But the price is extremely expensive compare to purchasing it on the net.
One thing that i would definitely recommend you guys purchasing is BATTERY AND HEAPS OF THEM !!! As there is no power point facility at the court so you cant recharge them !! I only have 2 sets, i might purchase more but two sets is good enough for at least 1.5 hrs worth of racing using the Xspeed motor and maybe more with teh standard

P.s LancerMan, dont go and buy a punch of upgrade that will make your car faster because if no-one have those hop-ups and your car is too fast in front, we will have rules that will ban you from using them !!!:D

Leigh, heres the address of the school
Carillon Avenue Newtown NSW 2042 -- The court can be quite easily noticeable from the road as it is right next to it. But i think we might have to ask the school for permission as they sometime lock it up :(

2002.05.10, 04:23 PM
Heres a pic of my car
I was going to use this and put it up for auction but i think i might keep it now !!

2002.05.11, 01:53 AM
thanx for the info on the basketball court. I only realised today it is literally a 1 minute walk from my place. I live in the apartments on the corner of Missenden and Carillon (the roundabout) . I went to the court today and it does seem pretty cool. As you said a little dusty and a few twigs and stones etc but generally pretty good. I recon a quick sweep with a broom and it would be ideal. The only problem i had with it was because it is concrete and my car rolled over quite a few times , the body got a few battle scars on it. Was fun though. My body is not perfect anyways.I intend to get a new one soon , have one good one and one for playing around with. (mine is a skyline BTW).
Sounds like you guys would kick my ass anyways. My car is basically totally stock standard. It's all good fun though :)

I actually played around a bit last night and made a light kit for my car , and modified the way the on / off switch works. The light set up works a treat. I now have working Brake lights and all :D

I don't know if anyone has come up with the idea before but I used a "mercury switch" to control the Brake lights. Basically any change in forward momentum will bring on the Brake lights and it is easy to adjust whether you want them to remain on once stopped or to only come on while the car is slowing down and turn off once stopped. I also used a "4 segment dip switch" to allow me to turn headlights/tail lights or Brake lights on or off. When I get my digital camera back tommorow I will take some photos and post the info on how I did it all. It's pretty simple and all done with components purchased from **** Smith Electronics.
The on/off switch alteration I did was just to change the way it switches so it removes power completly from the cars electronics once switched off. The way they are wired as standard could have potential to cause problems as certain parts of the circuit board still have power once switched off.

BTW I am thinking of ordering a few parts and stuff from overseas in a few weeks, if you want anything maybe we could do a combined order to cut down on shipping costs?

Wow this is a long post :)

one last thing ...where do you guys get your batteries? I have 2 sets --one set from **** Smith (700mah) and one set from JayCar Electronics (650mah) The **** Smith ones are about $15 for 2 and the JayCar ones are only about $3.60ea, so about 1/2 the price for a set. But I do think I can notice a difference in the 700mah making the car go a bit faster. Dont know whether it's worth paying twice as much though for maybe slightly better performance.



2002.05.11, 08:21 AM
laminaleigh, your lights sound cool, please post details in the Mini-Z Science sub-forum - thanks!

2002.05.11, 04:42 PM
hey leigh
Yeh concrete can destroy your car but trust me you dont want to race on carpet either. My living room is carpet and after running it, I have to take my diff. aprt because it collected so much stuff (mainly those small hair from the carpet)
Wat are you planning to buy from the net ?? I'm going to order my kingpin of it but I'm still waiting to see wat I'm going to buy for my 1/10 scale cars, this is why my mini is not in action !:confused: I'm buying my stuff directly from Japan where are you buying yours ?
I bought my batteries from ebay, they are 700mah Nimh type, I got two set for around $40-50 (cant remember, maybe it was $45) including shippping to Oz.

Anyway, now that we agree on the venue, its time to gather the equipment to make the track !!
Does anyone have either alot of ropes (at least 1 cm in thickness) or PVC pipes at home ??
The ropes or PVC pipe are used to make the layout of the track. I prefer ropes as we cna change the layout everywk if we like but rope seems to be very expensive compares to PVC pipe.
Does anyone have a better suggestion than this ??

hey, why dont you setup a meeting with LancerMan next weekend or somethign and do some battle.
And dont worry about beign stock, we can always change our motor back to stock to be fair

2002.05.11, 05:06 PM
i just have a look at the Jaycar's website, and they have a special discoutn if you buy a large quantity of batteries
Quantity Your Price
1+ $3.59*
10+ $3.15*
20+ $2.75*

Why dont me, you and Lancerman combine to buy these batteries and save cost ???
Each of us only have to buy 2 set to meet the requiremtn for the price of 2.75 each.
this way we can all save money, and we all have the same batteries which make it an even more fair contest !!!

2002.05.13, 02:19 AM
that all sounds great. I'd be up for the group buy on batteries from JayCar. As far as an order from overseas. I havent checked yet exactly where or what I want. I am keen to get an x-speed and just some alloy bits , diff etc .... e-mail me and we can talk about it ( laminaleigh@hotmail.com ) .

Where in Japan do you order from ? is it cheaper than Hong Kong or this site? ....

I was actually in Hong Kong about a month ago. Unfortunatly I didnt even know Mini -Z existed till a week after I got back!. I am probably planning another trip there later in the year ..I work for QANTAS so get cheap airfares. I might go over for a 2 day trip to get Mini-Z and Digital Camera stuff. I imagine Mini-Z stuff will be heaps cheaper in some hobby shops over there rather than online stores. I probably wont be going for a few months though.

Hey one thing that could cause problems if we get together. What frequency band are you on ?. I dont have my Z handy at the moment but I'm pretty sure it is band 4

anyways e-mail me and we can work some stuff out :-)


2003.01.01, 10:24 PM
r u guys racing yet? is there a club formed yet? i have a wrx-custom wrx 2 door shell alot lighter, more airflow, slightly wider than the stock shell,(more stability)mounted with a kit from hobby co. in the city,killer looks, wanting 2 race,thrash etc,also working on custom b/bar 4 front.and something else up my sleve....looking at getting ultimo b/ball courts (indoor) going as weekend racing? any sydneysiders interested?