View Full Version : spell checker

2004.01.07, 12:18 PM
Not trying to be a pain, seeing how I also have had the misfortune to have my fingers not do what my brain was telling them to do :D . But is there any way to get a spell checker on the forum? I know I would be a huge abuser of it.

Ken Mifune
2004.01.07, 01:44 PM
What is a spell checher for?

2004.01.07, 01:50 PM
personally? for me to be lazy:D :rolleyes:

2004.01.07, 01:54 PM
for others, to see how fast they are spelling (like a speed checker)

2004.01.07, 02:28 PM
Be my luck everything I put into it would come up four letter words or something like that.