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2002.01.29, 03:46 AM
A general suspension tip for all those diehard racers with lots of different springs.

You can test to see how much of your suspension travel you are using by tieing a piece of cotton around your damper spring shaft. Cut of the excess and run your car round the circuit for a while. The cotton moves to the highest point that your suspension has used. If the cotton moves right to the top then your suspension is too soft and bottoming out.

Should work on the front if your springs are on the kings pins.

2002.01.29, 12:18 PM
Cool tip!

2002.01.29, 02:00 PM
Do you have a picture of it that you can show us.

It sounds cool,
but I somehow can't picture it.

2002.01.30, 04:03 AM
Sorry, no digital camera.

I wish I had one cos I have started my custom body project and I can't show everyone :(

I am sure someone out there who has a camera might understand it. Mondo or Russ spring to mind....

2002.01.30, 04:48 AM
Hehe, used to do that with mountain bikes. Put a zip tie on the shocks and go for a ride. If the zip tie never gets to the top, we could tune it more as it means we aren't bottoming out the shocks. Real kewl idea butler :)

Aesch :)

2002.01.30, 04:53 AM
I do it for a the first few laps on my superbike on track days for the same reason.

To unfit to pedal :D

2002.01.30, 05:05 AM
Hehe, that's prolly where we got the idea from, motocross. Heck, these days, a mountain bike looks like a standard dirtbike without the engine :p (Look at the old Rotecs)

I was fit to pedal once, but since I sold my bike, I've been using the car. Both 1:1 scale and 1:24 scale :D

Aesch :)

2002.01.30, 03:22 PM
If you race on a track that has alot of hard right or left turns you can try putting the harder spring on the opposite side of the car.

2002.02.01, 01:28 AM
i bought my Z a couple weeks ago and i wanna hop it up already. i was wondering if da kyosho rear damper and roll shock set really does anything???? is it worth it???? which one is better to buy da GPM or da kyosho???? thanks guys!!!!!! :confused:

2002.02.01, 02:02 AM

Look under the Forum titled 'Parts and Hop-Ups' and dig back a little. The question youre asking has been answered with lots of detailed feeback from Members, including pictures :)