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Pro-Z Racing
2004.01.09, 03:26 PM
The Local News has a story on Wild Bill and his hobby shop.


2004.01.09, 03:37 PM
Wow, No wonder he won. His car cost $1,000.00?? :D Hey Bill, what ya got under the hood??:D ;)

2004.01.09, 03:38 PM
Not kyosho stuff that is for sure....

Pro-Z Racing
2004.01.09, 03:47 PM
The reporter got alittle mixed up on price Bill runs some serpents and other larger scale rc.

2004.01.09, 03:49 PM
Yea, sure ;) . We will see in March:D :p

2004.01.09, 04:39 PM

You are an evil man. embarrassing me like that.

That pic in the paper is bad.

Ya i don't know where she got the facts.
Most are off by a bit. My car only cost like
620 with all the hop up parts......Kyosho does
have the most expensive but also the best
hop up parts.

car - 150
radio - 260
diff - 50
role shocks - 33
x speed - 22
knuckels - 8.99 eash deg x3. 27
front springs - 13
center shock - 9
role shocks springs - 11
rear spring - 10
SS king pin - 7
CF H plate - 18
tires - 10

total - 620 ~

2004.01.09, 07:10 PM

Thanks Pro-Z!!!!!!!!!!

Bill, what do mean That pic in the paper is bad.

Looks like the "Wild" Bill I know

ROFLOL:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

2004.01.12, 12:14 AM
master crotty...

any pics to your track? and what kind of lap counting system do you use?

2004.01.12, 10:12 AM
I had the pleasure to have Master Crotty and his father race at the track I run at. It was alot of fun betting blown away on my home track by the master. For those of you out there and want to know how to do good in these races. Follow what Bill does. He goes to the track long before the races and pratices. Dials in his cars settings. and on the race day, he knows how his car is going to perform. Now if I could only drive like him:D . Bill it was good seeing you and your father at the track. Hope to see you again before March 13th. It is more casual than on the actual race day.

2004.01.12, 11:10 AM

It was great seeing you at CP this weekend and a blast
driving with you. I just want to keep up with the
locals and the only way to do that is practice on
the same track. ;)

Sorry i missed you when you left. I wanted
to say bye.

Maybe i'll come up again before the race.
I'll let you know so we can practice again.

2004.01.12, 11:40 AM
Bill, I looked around while leaving and didn't see you. (go for another pretzel?) My wife had dinner going so we had to go. I was hopeing you would have brought out your OL to race on the track. I would have liked to see how yours was running. Looks like you have the MR01 down pat though. Glad I am not in that class. With you, Andrew and Bobby I don't think I would stand a chance. At least with the OL's you have the added tipping factor and everyone has a even playing field. Glad you had a good time and make sure you let me know when you will be back. Sundays are not my normal time to be there.

2004.01.13, 02:48 AM
hi paul and master crotty...

while going through the ko-propo web site, it mentioned that we could "see this system in action at the cp mini rc raceway".... pertaining to the ko propo arc lapcounting system...

however while going through the gallery pics, they used the amb during the regional kyosho mini-z cup last june 7th...

can anybody fill me in on which system is currently being used at this track? and what system is better? have they used both systems? and figured out that the amb is better?

has anybody had any experience with both lapcounting systems? what's the best you've experienced?

any replies would be appreciated... :D

2004.01.13, 09:58 AM

At the mini z cup race they bring in the AMB system to use and there own software.

CP for club races use the kopropo system.

2004.01.13, 11:43 AM
master crotty...

thanks for the response... but if the kopropo system works, why did they bring in the amb system during the races??? is the amb system better?

from what i understand the kopropo doesn't require any transponders, while the amb system does...

adding transponders, means adding weight... and some perceive this is a bad thing...

master crotty / paulangelo, i would love to hear your view / comments on using both systems (and probably any other lap counting systems that you've experienced).... thanks again... and more power...

2004.01.13, 12:57 PM

AMB is a sponsor of the event and uses the provided software. So they would not run the kopropo system.

I like the AMB system but yes it adds wieght. I have never used the kopropo system in a race...only practice. But it did work well in practice.

At my track we use the laser system. It works well. For the price.
We run micros and xrays on our track so the kopropo system wouldn't work. So if i was to get a new system it would be the AMB.

2004.01.13, 09:33 PM
thanks master crotty...

oh ok, amb is a sponsor... hehehe... it wouldn't be a nice thing using the ko propo system if amb is a sponsor...

don't you think the ko propo system would work with x mods and micro's so long as they use the same 27mhz am frequencies as the mini-z's?

and did you notice any difference in handling using the amb transponders?

& would placement affect handling as well, say putting it on the hood vs. in the center vs. on the trunk?

you've been really patient in answering my questions, thanks again... and i apologize for asking all of these questions...

p.s. saw your track on your site, and the lapcounting system you use... pretty cool...

2004.01.13, 09:37 PM

how about your view/comments on the amb vs. arc (ko propo) lapcounting system? :D