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2004.01.11, 03:31 PM
This is to clear up some questions regarding the Member's Rides section of the Gallery page.

All member's can request an album in the Member's Rides section of the gallery regardless of their post count and length of membership. This can be done by simply requesting one:

Email your pics to gallery@mini-zracer.com (mailto:gallery@mini-zracer.com) ; be sure to include your Forum Name!

There are TWO levels to this;

For those with less than 50 posts-
You will receive an ablum in the Member's Rides section and you will have to send all images to the email address above for the Admin to upload to your album. As stated above, be sure to include your Forum Name!

For those with more than 50 posts-
You will receive an ablum in the Member's Rides section. You will have to include in your Email Request the following information:

Login (can be the same as submitted for the Forum Login)
Password (can be the same as submitted for the Forum Password)
Email Address for replies (can be the same as submitted for the Forum Email Address for replies)

You will then be able to manage, so to speak, your own album.
This can be done by using the options in the upper right once you Login to your album.

More details and explanations of these tools will follow (someone has to write them;) )

Disclaimer: The ability to manage your own album is available at the sole discretion of the Admin. This policy is in place to prevent the posting of inappropriate material in Member's albums as the general rules for the Fourm apply to the Gallery as well. Material should be relevant to the Forum and not be used for personal storage space as the Gallery is offered by the Admin and is supported by the Shop as is the Forum.
Any material found to be in question will be deleted by an Admin or you will be asked to delete it. Please comply with the request or contact the Admin (using the Email Address above) if you have any questions.

2004.01.26, 10:37 PM
man dont u have anything else to do other than things with mini z's in it no offense but your everywhere in the furom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:p :p

2004.01.26, 11:00 PM
spinoz... arch2b is everywhere because he's a respected moderator on almost all threads on these forums...

and that's mr. arch2b to you...

2004.01.27, 08:18 PM
Ge thanks for telling me. o sorry arch2b.

2004.10.01, 09:01 PM
ok, i cut/pasted some images to better explain some of the features of your member album

once you have a member album created you can click on your album to see a screen similar to this
member album before login (http://mini-zracer.com/albums/album124/member_album_before_login.jpg)

once you login you will see option menu's below each new nested album, similar to this
member album after login (http://mini-zracer.com/albums/album124/member_album_after_login.jpg)

you can create new nested albums within your main member album by using the using the tools at the top right of the screen. click on new nested album. you will then be placed within your new nested album. back out to your main page and click on the drop down options menu and choose edit title
edit title (http://mini-zracer.com/albums/album124/edit_title.jpg)

you can do several other things like edit the description etc. one thing we would like you to do is also rename the album. when you choose this option you will see something similar to this
rename album (http://mini-zracer.com/albums/album124/rename_album.jpg)

ofcourse sometimes things don't quite work right, like error's when creating new nested albums and my favorite, errors everytime you logout. email the gallery if you you need hel pwith anything adn i'll do my best to make sure it gets taken care of. btw, i don't always have near instaneous responses to emails ;)

2004.10.01, 10:48 PM
arch2b, can you confirm what exactly is considered off-topic in the albums? Would it be okay to post say a pic of like a Mad Force, a Mini-Z Monster, and a Mini Giant in the same picture? Cuz I really don't know how to manage a website...

2004.10.01, 11:05 PM
off topic.... anything non mini/micro rc related in some manner. i knwo i'm not the only one that uses their mzr album for hte sister sites so your not bound to mini-z's. now, everyone gets requests or just has plain cool stuff to share in other sections like misc. section so having a misc. album is completly understandable. it's just best not to have albums and albums of it ;) i personally have never had to remove anything from anyones' album and i don't anticipate ever having to as typically mzr member's are responsible, constructive people.

2005.02.06, 10:08 PM

2005.09.28, 06:32 PM
ALL new members please start your member galleries on the NEW (http://mini-zracer.com/mini-zgallery/) mini-zracer gallery site. those who have galleries ont eh existing site, you are free to reconstruct your albums over on the new site or work with me to help move them. see the migration thread...