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2004.01.12, 01:39 AM
while going through the ko-propo web site, it mentioned that we could "see this system in action at the cp mini rc raceway".... pertaining to the ko propo arc...

however while going through the gallery pics, they used the amb during the regional kyosho mini-z cup last june 7th...

can anybody fill me in on which system is currently being used at this track? and what system is better? have they used both systems? and figured out that the amb is better?

any replies would be appreciated...

2004.03.15, 03:04 PM
herman, sorry I didn't see the before, The ko propo arc in my opinion is a better scoring system than the AMB one. unfortunetly, you couldn't see it in action this past weekend because kyosho and GP insists on using the AMB. As you can see in the other posts about the race this past weekend, the AMB had some problems. But all in all it went smoothly. Where the ko propo arc is better is you DON'T have to fit a transponder on your car and mess up the balance of it. It pickes up the frequency of the crystal as you run over the senser. We use it for all of our races and have less problems for the weekly races than during the Mini Z Cup that is "a bigger race format" than ours. I am glad I can now remove the transponders and get back to some fun racing.

2004.03.15, 08:23 PM

mucho tango for the information... i just thought so... since the arc was specifically built for the mini-z's... too bad that you can't use it for the kyosho cups... that way all the participants wouldn't have to deal with putting on the transponder....

but as i understand amb is a sponsor right? and what would an event be without the sponsors... i just hope the organizers could get arc into the picture next time around... that way i believe it would be easier for everybody... (i.e. lesser cost- since you don't need to purchase anything to put the transponder on... faster set up times- no need to put the transponder on / take it off which leads to more time for actual racing... and faster lap times - due to no additional weight on the car)

kinda surprized that the event ran into some problems with the amb... usually it is quite reliable...

hope you don't mind my asking...what arc system is being used at cp? is it the 6 car or 12 car system? and would you happen to know how much it cost to get it set up?

thanks for any info... :D

2004.03.15, 09:22 PM
herman, I don't know the cost of the system but it is the 12 car system. The transponders are a problem for a few reasons, the weight is just one of them. Having to wait in line to get them after each race takes time also. Yea, AMB is a sponser so they get them for free. Get what you pay for I guess. It would be grea if ARC sponsered next years.

2004.03.15, 10:28 PM
thanks again paul...

just hope somebody from kyosho is reading this... ;)

2004.03.16, 01:06 PM
Originally posted by herman
thanks again paul...

just hope somebody from kyosho is reading this... ;)

Or rather someone at KO Propo, who then writes GP a big check and outbids AMB! ;) :D

2004.03.17, 02:24 AM

for one dollar... :D