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2004.01.12, 02:09 PM
Other then the NSX, what other RM bodies are planned for release?

2004.01.12, 02:26 PM
Two Skylines race bodies are due out any day now. Calsonic and another that is painted like the Xanavi but sports another name (i think)

2004.01.12, 02:37 PM

2004.01.12, 02:58 PM
i want to know when will the oil shocks will be available....

also, can regular Mr01 bodies fir the RM MR02?

2004.01.12, 03:18 PM
Yes all 01 wide bodies fit the 02 RM. You may have a problem with the few that have a semi wide wheelbase in front (i.e. Porsche GT3 race and the Viper.) I have both but haven't tried them yet. Here is my 01 Xanavi on an 02 RM chassis.

2004.01.12, 03:21 PM
...and you can find oil dampers from other parts of the world. You know...HK

2004.01.12, 03:29 PM
Oooh...it's close but they clear.

2004.01.12, 03:34 PM
do you know where in HK> or which web site? D1nb4ll doesnt have them

2004.01.12, 03:40 PM
in his eBay store. Others have them there as well. If you want GPM they may be gone. You will find RCRM and R3 or 3R or something like that. They are all blue alloy. I believe I saw some in the mini-z listings just this morning. Good luck!

2004.01.12, 04:00 PM
Here ya go...


2004.01.12, 04:03 PM
thanks !

2004.01.12, 04:26 PM
D1****** has them, I just ordered a black alloy rear shock from them. What I'm looking for are the Kyosho carbon RM H-plates, nobody seems to have them.
I've pretty much given up on getting the Kyosho rear oil shock..

2004.01.13, 02:42 AM
can regular Mr01 bodies fir the RM MR02?

gt3 is right... the mr02 rm will fit most mr01 wide bodies...

here's a pic... of my porsche taisan on the mr015 chassis...


and the link...


good luck with finding your oil shocks...

2004.01.13, 10:18 AM
thank, lol

I may just keep the stock one for now.
my friend has an overland shock on my mr02 mm

2004.01.13, 11:45 AM
I mean, he has an OL oil shock on HIS enzo

2004.01.14, 07:18 PM
So let me get this straight. You have to modify or change the h plate and motor mount in order to use a mr-01 body? I hate to ask but do they sell these parts for the conversion???

2004.01.14, 07:32 PM
You only need conversion parts if you are running the MM enzo or Diablo. RM 02s (NSX) only requirement is that it be a wide 01 body.

2004.01.14, 08:28 PM
RM 02s (NSX) only requirement is that it be a wide 01 body.

and rims that fit properly... :D

more preferably standard narrow fronts and wide rears...
or the mr02 rims that they are coming out for the 2003 nsx's

2004.01.14, 08:38 PM
Thanks Herman...:)