View Full Version : My MM to RM conversion

2004.01.14, 09:57 AM
Made my own conversion to RM on my 02 car..

I bought the Lowride motormount and oil-filled shocks for the old 01 car and the H-plates for the 02 RM..

I already had the diff so the only problem is that the 02 diff is wider than 01. I looked around for a perfect "distance bearing" and i found out that an old "diff hub" from another diff where perfect for this..

I installed the "bearing" and now the rear was lined up perfectly :D

The whole car became a dream to drive, very nice :D

Here it is..

2004.01.14, 09:58 AM
Here you can see the "bearing" between the diffhouse and the motormount, I had to cut off the two "dents" to make it fit

El Tigre
2004.01.14, 12:25 PM
Sharp, very sharp, who makes that motor mount? Nice mod, sure beats the flavor of the day Overland lift.

2004.01.16, 10:10 PM
i like the roll shock setup. whered u get it from

McLaren F1 T3
2004.01.17, 12:00 AM
That shock set i believe is made by GPM and dubbed the double shock set. Supposed'ly like the tripe shock set, but much cheaper, and dosen't have the top shock. But non the less, very nice job again Pitzon!



2004.01.17, 02:40 AM
Yes thats right McLaren, i didnīt dare to buy the triple if it wouldnīt fit so i started with the double one.. Now i know that the triple fits also so maybe thats what coming next :D

Have tested the car more now and it rocks, very very stabile in the rear and im happy that i converted the car..

2004.01.18, 04:49 AM
Looks VERY nice....What kind of bodies fit it?

2004.01.18, 05:54 AM
All 01 bodies with long wheelbase will fit ( those who are wide )

Maybe some others to but i havent checked that out yet

2004.01.22, 10:45 AM
i like your rear suspension looks like a very good hop-up for my mr-02 rm how is it called ? were did you buy it ?. btw is there a good upgrade for front suspension to make work more like a suspension raden en just a spring ?