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2002.01.29, 02:47 PM
hi everyone,

I finally made my own mini z track!

Here are some of the pics that I would like to share with you guys.

2002.01.29, 02:49 PM
cars in action!

2002.01.29, 02:50 PM

2002.01.29, 02:52 PM

2002.01.29, 04:10 PM
hey!!! that's pretty cool... nice idea using those toy foam things.... haha... what happens when the cars crash head with the walls? lol....

2002.01.29, 05:22 PM
You have any more pics of that white altezza?? Looks pretty cool witth that black wing :)

2002.01.29, 06:24 PM
Cool! How are the middle walls held up?

2002.01.29, 09:10 PM
That's cool!!
I love it!! :cool:

2002.01.29, 09:41 PM
Thank you all !

Yes, my housemate (S2000) and I (white altezza) spent an hour puzzle the carpets, and then we cut up the tracks and nailed up on the carpets.

When the car hit the wall on high speed, the rubber absorb most of the force (acutally, the track is breakable)
We had been racing wildly for 2 hours with crashes, no damage to our car at all except some dist on our cars.

Speed: I would say this is not a high speed track, I am using the stock motor with 9T, and S2000 is using stock motor with 6T, both of us hardly reach full throttle. We made this track to practise our fingers (steering and throttle).

We could have made a narrow track instead but we didn't. We rather having a wider track so the mini-z can select their desire paths when racing.

RUSS, I have many white altezza pics, I will post them up tonight!