View Full Version : My mini track in the bonus room.

2004.01.15, 12:01 AM
The carpet is too long so I am using a rug, 7'X11'.
It is a simple setup but it provides lots of fun. I am waiting for the F40 body in the mail and the wheels are too wide for my Skyline body so I am running without the body. Rear tires are 20G and fronts are 30G. The setup is perfect for my track. the Stock motor is adequate. The Ball diff is coming sometime this week also.

2004.11.19, 02:42 AM
Well great set-up there, looks fun :) but the main thing i noticed from the vid was how differant the Racers seem to handle compeard to the F1's.

Am looking for a short term solution to a track and something like what you got going seem idea. Thanks for the idea :)

2004.11.19, 12:41 PM
couldn't watch the video on the computer i'm on, must be a codec problem... oh well, i'll watch it later at home I suppose.