View Full Version : Looking for Mini-Z racers in Perth (Western Australia)

2002.01.30, 10:21 AM
if the subject line of this thread hasnt given it away already, i'm looking for anyone with a mini-z in Perth, Western Australia

currently i only know of myself and a friend who has them. i have also heard about "some guys who race in Shenton Park on tuesday nights". as yet this is unconfirmed.. one day i'll go along and report back :P

i am interested in building a track and having regular race meets :)

2002.01.31, 11:03 PM

I live in perth tooo
are you south or north of the river?

I had my miniz with few hotup couple of months already.
I am waiting for my friend who will be back from holiday soon.
may be we can get together for a race sometime.
at the moment I am just racing against time with my little home track. (and I just broke the front of my EVO VI, finding way to glue is back otherwise it will be uselss)
And I am trying to minic the GPM light set that I got. I want to put more front lights (4-6) and back light (4) to my miniz.