View Full Version : wheel hop?

2004.01.20, 08:32 AM
I am experiencing excessive wheel hop with my MR-02 NSX. I'm still running the stock rear spring & stock rear tires with a Xspeed. What is the best way to minimize this wheel hop?

2004.01.20, 09:12 AM
Just guessing but are you also running a stock Diff? What I have done is run with a Kyosho diff, and a stronger rear spring. I am also running the MM with the Enzo body.

2004.01.20, 10:30 AM
Yes, I'm running the stock diff with the stock H plates. I haven't found a suitable replacement for the RM configuration.
If I stay with the stock diff and run a hard spring like you suggest. What type of front springs should I run for best handling charasteristics?

2004.01.20, 11:31 AM
depending on the track, a hard back and soft front will cause pushing in the turns. this can be a good thing for preventing spinouts and possibly hopping. You just need to expieriment. Also look into a stiffer H plate.

2004.01.20, 11:52 AM
I'm waiting for the shop to get some H plates. The RM NSX uses longer H plates then the MM Enzo. I picked up some from ebay and they didn't fit :(

2004.01.20, 05:42 PM
Check with the shop, I know for a fact that the plate you need is indeed in transit to them. Zero-Man dropped buy Sunday with a handfull of the production run of the 1.5 MM or RM V-plates. They fit on the medium and long standard chassis length settings, so you can use the old medium and long wide bodies as well as the new MR2 RM NSX's.