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2004.01.20, 12:38 PM
As many of you might now know, Ozite in conjunction with Porta-Trax has developed a new racing surface designed especially for small scale cars, such as the Mini-Z.

Although not yet officially released, I've answered sporadic questions and leaked some info on the forums, but until now have not been able to disclose all the details.

Below is an extensive "official" Q&A, some photos of the new surface, and comparisons with traditional Ozite racing carpet. Hopefully, this will answer the many emails we have received.

Q: What is the New Ozite Mini-Z Surface?

A: Ozite Mini-Z is a new roll-up racing surface developed jointly by Foss Manufacturing (the Ozite patent holder) and Porta-Trax to address the problems of traditional carpet tracks with respect to smaller scale cars. Ozite Mini-Z was developed over 18 months of R&D involving chemical engineers, R/C racing experts, commercial operators and a full-scale track engineer.

Q: How does this New Surface differ from Traditional Ozite Racing Carpet?

A: One side of the surface is the traditional Ozite racing carpet that is common at many indoor tracks. The reverse (flip side) is the new Mini-Z surface: If you look at the photo comparison, you will notice that the Mini-Z surface is less fibrous (no more carpet hairs caught in wheels). It also has a higher friction coefficient than carpet, or even foam rubber. In tests comparing regular Ozite, EVA foam rubber and the new Mini-Z surface, only the Mini-Z surface performed well with stock (very hard) tires.

For racers wanting to practice setups that they will use at their local club carpet track, they can flip the surface over and practice on the same Ozite carpet surface used at most indoor club tracks across North America. This gives the benefit and variety of two racing surfaces in a single track.

Q: What is the Ozite Mini-Z Surface made of?

A: It is Ozite coated with a patented pending material. However, it does not look or even feel like carpet; it has a unique surface texture that feels similar to asphalt.

Q: What are the Advantages and Disadvantages over the Foam Rubber Surface that is now so popular?

A: Porta-Trax has manufactured EVA foam rubber tracks for over three years, since originally exhibiting the first portable interlocking track in 2001. While we still make foam rubber tracks, the new Ozite Mini-Z surface represents the next level in performance and convenience … it is a product of customer feedback and what we have learned in the building of 400+ tracks.

Compared to our EVA foam rubber, Ozite Mini-Z has higher traction, no surface joints or irregularities, is more tolerant of heat and humidity extremes, offers roll-up convenience and is compatible with a wider variety of rail types. Setup time is also considerably less, as there is no “puzzle” pieces to assemble. This makes it ideal for hobbyists with limited space who need quickly store the track in order to use the space for other activities. Finally, there is greater tolerance to dust and dirt, as the Ozite surface tends to trap impurities, instead of having them cling to the surface because of static.

The only disadvantages that we have found is that the new surface is slightly more expensive than some discounted foam rubber tiles and it that it needs to be stored correctly to avoid creasing.

Q: I’ve heard that Ozite can Wrinkle or Crease easily and can become Bumpy with Respect to the Racing Surface?

A: All of the above is true if the surface is not stored properly. It needs to be rolled tight on a thick tube of at least 6” in diameter. When stored properly, Ozite will deploy flat and there will be no bumps in the racing surface. Most track systems or homemade rails will weight the surface enough to flatten the carpet after it has been rolled for a long period of time. We have tested this storage procedure for six months with our in-school racing program that required setup and take-down twice per week; the Ozite continually laid flat using our Porta-Trax QuickAttach rails.

Q: Is it Modular?

A: Yes. Run Velcro underneath to attach separate pieces of Ozite for a seamless joint. For hobbyist tracks, the surface is shipped split in half (rolled 5 or 6-foot wide on an 8-foot tube) and is quickly joined in the middle underneath. This allows it to be shipped or transported much easier and for it to be transported in any SUV, wagon of hatchback.

Q: When will Ozite Mini-Z be Available?

A: As we are in Canada, Porta-Trax is in the process of setting up US and worldwide distribution. The new surface should be available in the US early February. The surface will be sold through local hobby shops, select internet sites and direct. We are cautious however, not to use too many levels of distribution to inflate the price, especially considering the falling US dollar with respect to other currencies.

Q: How much does Ozite Mini-Z Cost?

A: An initial production run of 100,000 sq. yards allows us to reach a very affordable price point. We expect the new Ozite Mini-Z to retail for $5.99 per sq. yd with a street price of $4.99 to $5.25 per sq. yard. Thus, you could surface a 9’x12’ (12 sq. yd track) for about $60 + the storage tube. This is an acceptable price point for most hobbyists who want to make their own rails and will allow us to sell complete prefab track and rails for under $150.

The surface will be sold in 12-foot widths only (i.e. you 9x12, 16x12, 20x12 track); however we usually cut the size into two 6-foot widths for shipping purposes. (Dealers and distributors will be obligated to sell the 8’ hard storage tube with the Ozite to ensure proper storage.) The cost for that tube will be approximately $15 with metal end-caps. The tube also doubles as a storage container for track rails (see pictures below).

Q: I want to make my Own Rails or I already have Track Rails. Are they Compatible with the Ozite Mini-Z? What about options?

A: Yes! The unique surface will hold any rail firm if you attach a quality hook fastener (Velcro) to bottom of the rail. We've tested rails attached this way with a hopped-up 6-cell RS/4 Micor hitting the track wall at full speed, and the rails hold, with just enough flex to absorb shock. We have also tested the system with our own QuickAttach rail system, RoadDomes, and RCP foam barriers and they all work well with Velcro on the bottom. The only rail types that are not compatible are round PVC “plumbing pipe” type rails that may roll with the Velcro attached. However, you should not use any rounded surface for rails on a Mini-Z track, as the cars will continually catch under the rounded surface.

Porta-Trax has developed a special rail system for this surface (shown in the pictures) known as QuickAttach, based on our scale racing barriers used in commercial tracks. This rail system allows for endless layout variations, as it attaches anywhere on the track. (I will probably begin another thread regarding the rail system and Porta-Trax prefabricated tracks; I would like to keep this thread for questions about the new Ozite Mini-Z surface.)

Finally, expect a Mini-Z Monster/Overland course to be available as an overlay in mid February as well as a laser-enhanced single vehicle lap counter based on the economical Microsizer lap counter and the Kyosho start light system.

Q: How can I find out more?

A: We don’t currently have a web site for Porta-Trax yet. However, one is in development and will feature videos of the tracks, layouts suggestions and parts. Until the product’s official release, I will check the forums daily and try to answer your questions.

2004.01.20, 12:41 PM
...this is the reverse side, with traditional Ozite racing carpet.

2004.01.20, 12:42 PM
...banked corners

2004.01.20, 12:45 PM
The photo below shows two QuickAttach corner rails attached to the Ozite Mini-Z surface. The next photo is of the same rails, attached at a different radii ...thus you can form curves to any configuration.

2004.01.20, 12:50 PM
...the same rails as iin the previous picture: The smaller rail is a prototype of our upcomming MicroSizer rail; the larger rail is the QuickAttach rail for Mini-Z or RS/4 Micro. The rails system will be available separately or as a prefab ket along with Ozite Mini-Z base.

2004.01.20, 12:56 PM
...a hairpin corner using Hyperhobbies' RoadDome. The Ozite surface allows for multiple rail systems; in this case a Porta-Trax railed "wall" leading to an apex marker (the RoadDome) that can be driven over ...just like on a full-scale road course.

The inlay picture shows the Ozite surface rolled up on its storage tube. The track rails store inside the tube.

2004.01.20, 01:12 PM
WOW, now that is an faq;)

ok, please keep all comments related to this topic. i've seen other threads regarding tracks go all over the place....

2004.01.20, 01:31 PM
Lorne, regarding the attachment of the rails.
If I understood correctly they are attached with velcro allowing infinite configurations, will the attachment/removal of the velcro in the same place cause for the fibers to come loose over time and create fuzzy spots?:confused: :confused:

2004.01.20, 01:52 PM
What is the weight of a 20 ft X 6ft track.
Thank you

2004.01.20, 02:00 PM
What surface do you need to lay track on?
Could you use it outside on patio, and what about on carpet?

I asked because i just bought a RCP track and am going to be useing it for a portable buisness, with RCP I almost need to purchase a trailer to move it around. If your track will work for me I could just put roll it and put it on a car rack Much Easier. My thought is your surface would have to be almost completly flat for track to lay on, something like wood. Please Reply Thanks

2004.01.20, 02:03 PM
i havent had much luck with velcro. you really need to use carpet tape to join seams, which doesnt make your track very portable but it will work if you have a permanent spot where you dont have to take the track apart.

2004.01.20, 02:18 PM
terraz you could mount the carpet to plywood and then join the plywood together with hinges. you could stack the plywood on top of your car to transport. you really need to mount the carpet to something solid to keep it from rinkling.

2004.01.20, 02:25 PM
Attach it to plywood? I think for me the RCP track is still the answer. as it does not weigh near as much as plywood. and I can set it up with one person. Thank You for your Help on this. Brad:D :D

2004.01.20, 02:30 PM
If the rail were to have a L shape lip on the bottom for a magnet to lay down on.. I could source some magnets to hold the rails down to a piece of flat steel under the carpet? sandwich it down? this owuld prevent fiber damage with repetitive pulling of the velcro...

Fibers are the reason every one hates to use Ozite for Mini-Z tracks... even though the racing Ozite is SUPOSE to not give fibers off it still does...

I asume the one track in your photo was NOT stored propperly? its kinda wrinkled in that photo...

The advantage to foam tiles, why I decided to go back to them, after pondering many different materials.. is I can lay it out on grass area if I wanted too... this would be kinda uneven if layed on grass with out a sheet of wood or something under it...

note: (I still aint made my dang track).

All ozite tracks I have used Mini-Z on (2, and a few laps on a 3rd) have had VERY POOR traction... and these were supose to be Racing Facilities ;)

And you can order ozite in the 12' wide rolls from Ozite ;).

However there is one advantage to using Ozite/Carpet type of track... you can Intentionaly make large hills, or wripples, by putting things under it... for overland obstacles...

2004.01.20, 02:44 PM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Draconious
[I asume the one track in your photo was NOT stored propperly? its kinda wrinkled in that photo...

depending on the temperature and the moisture all carpet will wrinkle as seen in the picture above. you really need to tape it down to something solid like wood or a concret floor. you will notice that when they install carpet in your house, the carpet installer uses a big tool to stretch the carpet and lock it into nail hooks around the edge of the room. this is to get the wrinkles out.

i like your magnet idea, you could use the magnets to stick your rails to the top of your car for transportation.

2004.01.20, 03:39 PM
Lol, hopefuly no one will have THAT many rails to need to store externaly on their vehicles ;)

2004.01.20, 05:03 PM
I'll try to address the many questions as best I can ...let me start by saying we've had considerable experience in engineering the "portability" aspect of the Ozite and the rail/track system over the past two years and have thus worked out many of the potential problems queried above. We have also completely solved the "lumpiness" that some of you referred to in any carpet or other thin surface that is not securely fastened down to a base, such as plywood.

1) Terraz: Our party business and in-school programs use the new Ozite surface, while our "show" track for larger events is a 30 x10 rubber based track with scale building etc. The advantage of the Ozite is that it sets up much faster and is indeed lighter. The rubber track (see attached two pictures) needs larger storage containers and rail tubes for easy transportation …but is more scale-like in appearance. The 30’ x 12’ rubber track barely fits in my SUV, whereas both the 30 x 10 and 20 x10 Ozite tracks fit easily in any hatchback or car that can accommodate a 8-foot tube approximately 1-foot in diameter.

Terraz, for birthday parties, in order to make money, you've got to be setup in less than 10 minutes. Even though we have the ability to build/bring any track we want ...to the birthday parties we almost always use a simple 20 ft. oval Ozite ...simple is better. Kids also prefer an oval over any "road course".

Terraz, also check the recent track threads ...there's a good exchange between BobT (who also runs a rental business) and myself. There are several upgrades and mods to the cars and transmitters that will make your life a lot easier with respect to maintenance and broken cars. You can email me off-thread if you like …we've put over 2,000 kids through our racing programs, so I should be able to help you. Our system is setup so that the party or in-school instructor can carry the track over one shoulder and the car/charger kit with up to 10 cars with the other hand. Most of our functions are quick and small, thus making the track and car carrying a one-trip one person operation was essential.

1a)... to those whom enquired about the weight, a 20’x10’ track with rails and start light (as pictured in photos) weighs about 40-44lbs. depending on the options, including the storage tube. To figure the weight on other tracks, just do the math with respect to sq. footage percentages. To the member that enquired about a 6’x 20 I’m guessing around 20 lbs with rails.

2) If you use our Quick-Attach rail system, you do NOT need to tape anything down or a plywood base … provided you are on a flat surface. Patio, floor, basement or even an irregular driveway …all OK; grass no …you’ve got to go with a rubber base if you’ve got a “soft” surface such as grass. On concrete, flooring or any other reasonably smooth surface, the carpet lies flat ...but that again is with a rail system that puts tension in the carpet, thereby stretching it. (Imagine four people pulling from each corner and you will get the idea of how the “bowed” corner rails work … see the first photo in the thread.

Draconious ...look closely at the carpet BETWEEN the rails, you will notice the wrinkles are outside the rails. Moreover, when the carpet is stretched by the four corner rails on a fully set-up track, it pulls tight and even. (The two rails in the picture are not ‘connected’ hence the unevenness as there is tension in only two directions.) We have no issues with bumps once the carpet is set up with a four-cornered tracks. And look at the photo of the banked corner. That is impossible to do unless you have a system that adds tension (stretches) the carpet. (This rail system is patent pending and uses a high sheer strength industrial Velcro …more I can’t tell you as I do not wish to reveal our patent application.)

3) You do not need tape or other unsightly materials, the 20 ft. oval track has the Velcro running under it and you can't notice the seam.

4) Drac ... you have to experience the new Mini-Z Ozite, it has triple the surface coefficient of normal Ozite and successfully addresses all the "sliding" issues you have experienced. (The reverse Mini-Z side is not "carpet" but rather a different surface all together). I will try to do a video of a stock Z running full speed in the corners with stock tires ...there is no over-steer or under-steer whatsoever.

….hope this answers the above questions. --Lorne

the photo below is of our commercial rubber based track ... the older Ozite is what the track is resting on ... this will give you an idea of the difference between the two surfaces.

2004.01.20, 05:07 PM
...here's the shipping container we use for our EVA foam commercial tracks such as that pictured above. Each 10 x 10 section (20 tiles) fills one of the containers shown. Thus, the 30 x 10 foot track takes 3 containers. The rails all fit in the tube and a 30 foot track takes 2 tubes. Compare this with the Ozite Mini-Z to judge the portability. -Lorne

2004.01.20, 05:08 PM
for those of you that are on a tite budget you can get some cheap industrial carpet at home depot. It runs about 80 - 90 cents a sq ft and comes in 12 length rolls. My dad used it in his construction trailer and my miniz handled just fine with some soft tires. you can flip the carpet and use the glue sde also. but this side almost grips a little too much.

2004.01.20, 05:29 PM
X racer ...80 cents a square foot = $7.20 a sq. yard ... almost 50% more than the estimated street of the new Ozite Mini-Z surface!

Sorry to bust your bubble, Home Depot is not that cheap. As we buy some of our materials from the same sources they do (although in much smaller quantities) I can attest to a 120 to 200% markup on small quantity building materials and carpet.

9x12 surface @ 80 cents sq. foot home depot = $86.40

9x12 surface @4.99 sq. yd. Porta-Trax Ozite Mini-Z surface = $59.88

2004.01.20, 05:53 PM
sorry, im not good with the math. I asked my dad how much he paid and it actually cost $3.20 a sq yard. i called the home depot near my house and they have the carpet for $3.50 sq yd. It comes in brown, grey and blue and they have it in 12 ft rolls. you can also look at some of the stores that have the end cuts rolled up and you can sometimes get this for half the cost if you buy the already end cut roll.

2004.01.20, 11:20 PM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by lornecherry
If you look at the photo comparison, you will notice that the Mini-Z surface is less fibrous (no more carpet hairs caught in wheels). It also has a higher friction coefficient than carpet, or even foam rubber.

Higher friction coefficient than carpet? You lost me there, son. I am not sure that the kids at birthday parties are really too concerned about the friction coefficient of the surface there running on. I think they just enjoy running the cars no matter what the surface is. If you are looking for a good party track and you want it to be carpet, just go to your local carpet dealer. They have remnants left over from large industrial contracts that they sell for discount prices. These remnants are usually a low pile type carpet that works well with any rc car or truck. Get a roll that is big enough to roll up and put in your vehicle. For the walls of the track, get some plumbing pvc and some pvc couplings. Wrap the pvc couplings with velcro, so they will grab the carpet. Any velcro will work. The small rc cars are way too light to knock the velcro loose. You can even use a larger diameter pipe like 1" or 1 1/2" pipe for added weight. Set up a fairly easy oval or road course using the pvc. When your all done, set the pvc in the middle of the carpet and roll it all up together.
I guarantee the kids will have a blast running on any track, no matter what the surface is. They just might enjoy helping you roll up the carpet and take apart the pvc at the end of the day. Kids love to help.

2004.01.21, 02:09 AM
I am not sure that the kids at birthday parties are really too concerned about the friction coefficient of the surface there running on. I think they just enjoy running the cars no matter what the surface is.

hmm... i guess you're right about that... but for more serious racers who sometimes fuss about track surfaces, i guess it would be worth looking into... as for short pile carpet... i don't think i would want to run on it (guess i'm one of those drivers who makes a fuss over track surfaces)... :D

while i was in h.k. most tracks that i've seen use some form of ozite (just been to two actually)... as for barriers...yikes dreaded pvc... some guys tried that over here... never again... (just relating our experiences)...

2004.01.21, 03:59 AM
i agree...it all depends on what you purpose for the track is.

if you host the neighborhood or family kids, by all means make it cheap and simple but as herman stated, racing enthusiast demand more from a track and expect more than cheap industrial carpet and pvc rails.

2004.01.21, 10:29 AM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by lornecherry
[Babout options?
We have also tested the system with our own QuickAttach rail system, RoadDomes, and RCP foam barriers and they all work well with Velcro on the bottom.)................................

do the quickattch rail, road dome rail and the rcp barrier all stretch the carpet the same way to get the wrinkles out of the carpet.

can we have the option on what rail we want to purchase when ordering the carpet from you, weather it is the quickattch, road dome or rcp foam bariier.

2004.01.21, 11:51 AM
Originally posted by herman
[while i was in h.k. most tracks that i've seen use some form of ozite (just been to two actually)... as for barriers...yikes dreaded pvc... some guys tried that over here... never again... (just relating our experiences)... [/B]

ya, i agree plastic bariers are too harsh on the cars unless you have a cushion like foam or something wraped around them to soffen the blow.

2004.01.21, 01:51 PM
Xracer: the QuickAttach rails system (Porta-Trax) is designed specifically to work with carpet tracks and the new Mini-Z Ozite. We use the RoadDomes (they are corner markers in the picture only) for the hairpins (corner apex of the chicane). The QuickAttach Rail system is designed to work with the RoadDomes.

Our testing with RCP barriers has been limited ...we don't sell those; they are a product of RCP and would require Velcro contact cemented to the bottom to work on Ozite or any other carpet. They are a quality rail that takes a different approach then our designs, and I included them in the discussion because some forum members have them already and they are one of the few well-designed prefabs available. However, as they are not designed specifically to put tension into carpet, the RCP rails are probably best suited for the rubber-based tracks that they are typically sold with.

If you look at the photos at the beginning of the thread you will see both the QuickAttach rail system by itself (the oval track) and one picture with a QuickAttach corner rail integrated into a RoadDome (the Chicane layout). Those are by far, our most popular layouts and are usually purchased all together as a complete track system, which is what I would recommend for you.

The point I was trying to make, is that the new Ozite Mini-Z carpet is not unlike other carpet in terms of what you can attach to it, or use as a rail system. That said, I wish to emphasize that our PVC rails are much softer than the PVC "pipe" that is so hard on cars. Moreover, the Porta-Trax rails are cushioned with two layers of Velcro and the air space between the Velcro (think of the cushions on a billiard table), so as to absorb the shock quite well, and in our opinion, they look more realistic than a rubber barrier. Hope that clarifies what attaches to what and is not too confusing! - Lorne

Edward: we run over 400 R/C parties a year + 2,000 kids through our in-school programs. Some of our cars have 500+ hours on them, so hopefully we have determined through trail and error what works and what does not.

We gave up on Mini-Zs last year because of too many broken parts (servo gears, bodies) and carpet fiber getting into the wheels. Every hour of running with 10 cars was over an hour of maintenance. Our engineering in conjunction with Ozite over the past 12 months was an effort to find direct solutions to those problems, as the scale of the Mini-Z is the perfect indoor size.

It was a lot of work, (trial and error, test, trial and error, and test again)... even though the final tweaks and solutions are often very simple.

I have tried to pass the knowledge we've learned on to the members here, as some of them also have full and part time R/C businesses that could benefit, or they are serious racers who need to setup for a specific racing surface. Such exchange of information is the spirit of these forums, as I have no doubt benefited from help offered by other experience members.

From a business standpoint, every five minutes we save in setup or car maintenance is important, hence even small engineering changes to the track design or the cars can greatly reduce labor and parts costs.

Additionally, it makes far more sense to show up with a professional track when you are charging $160 per hour at a birthday party or Bar Mitzvah. You are after all, bringing this into someone’s home … showing up with the same PVC piping that’s connected to their sink is not acceptable. I'm not suggesting that you need to bring Paul Tracy to sign autographs or Martha Stewart and Page Davis to decorate the tracks, but a little professionalism is certainly good business.

The kids and the adults enjoy the scale realism of a pro track and you somewhat justify the price you are charging...the kids or the adults don't know, or care, how much prep work and expense goes into running a portable R/C business, they just want the best experience possible ...and not unlike racing ...that comes from attention to detail combined with constant failure until you finally achieve your goals. In short, professionalism.

Sorry for wandering aimlessly in a philosophical circle ... but there's far more to this than just buying some carpet remnants and plumbing pipe at the local Home Depot - Lorne

2004.01.21, 02:10 PM
hey lorne do you use a lap counter system for your buisness?
What have you learned pro's and con's

Thanks Again for all your help.


2004.01.21, 02:41 PM
Terraz: the moderators have asked I keep this thread on the new Ozite and perhaps the rails, so I've got to respect that.

Here's a short answer (for me anyway :) ... we have the expensive AMBrc system for big events, (car shows, big Bar mitvahs, corporate events) ...don't use it too much though.

Don't like any of the cheaper flag systems ....waiting for LapZ to come to North America with their sub $500 transponder system...but they've stopped returning my emails and they are evidently having software problems.

We sell a laser enhancement to the cheap $10 Tomy lap timer (single car only) for our track customers, but we don't use it at parties. No need ...it's more for racers who are trying to optomize a single car setup and need something for $50 to time thier laps.

Botton line: there's a big gap between the very good but very expensive AMB transponder system @$2,000+ and our $50 Tomy Timer Laser System for a single car only...we thought LapZ would fill that gap, but they haven't stepped into the NA market yet.

We are all looking for a relaible, professional sub -$500 multicar timer that's transponder based. That said, we don't need or use a lap timer for birthdays or the majority of the in-shool. (We do use it at the school race finals and for mall displays or other full day events but that's only 10% of our biz)

If you want a timer, buy the AMBrc or wait for LapZ to get their act together.

Or, if you are good electronically (not my fortay!), you can build a laser flag system as many forum members have (see the threads regarding lap timing; there's a few circuit gurus on this site).

Personally, I don't like any of the flag systems, but I may be in the minority. And the timer is the last thing you need for a R/C party business. -Lorne

Please search the threads on Lap timing for more info or start a new thread, as this can get quite complex/intense.

2004.01.21, 04:34 PM
4) Drac ... you have to experience the new Mini-Z Ozite, it has triple the surface coefficient of normal Ozite and successfully addresses all the "sliding" issues you have experienced...

Ok, then send me one LOL ;).

2004.01.21, 04:48 PM
count me in too, i'll try some. draconious if i get some can you send me some of your neo magnets. i have an idea for a different rail might work well if i had some realy strong magnets. i think the magnets would really help with the velcro messing up the fibers of the carpet. how strong are the magnets. are they very big and do you think thy will stick to something with glue. do you have them in diferent sizes.

2004.01.21, 05:18 PM
draconious one more thing I ment to tell you but i cant edit. i will pay for the magnets if there what i think will work for my idea. i am not looking for them for free.

2004.01.21, 07:46 PM
draconous are yuo out their. i found this track on this forum minizracer. http://mini-zracer.com/forums/attachment.php?postid=108572

it uses pvc pipe and some kind of insulation around it. looks very nice. i want to glue strong magnets at the corners of the pvc and put a thin peice of metal under but i want to use some carpet insted of those rubber squares. i think this will help from the velcro damaging the carpet like nt2 said. i dont want such a hard track maybe just an oval or something but others could make it biger if they want or more harder. what do you think

2004.01.21, 08:52 PM
I have tried to pass the knowledge we've learned on to the members here..... Such exchange of information is the spirit of these forums, as I have no doubt benefited from help offered by other experience members.

ditto :D

2004.01.21, 08:56 PM
Well at the risk of getting too far off topic ;) (had to point this out since the thread starter was spanked for it him self lol)

The magnets I have now, are only for the Motors, I would not recomend using them to hold the rails down... unless you got bigger ones. These would hold it in place one top, one bottom, but... if a car hit it they would not hold... rail would move, so pointless... however as I said above I CAN source, as in any size and shape, magnet from my magnet source... a magnets size is just as important to its strength as its compisition... (neodymium)... just dont get ne thing thats big enough to litteraly smash the bones in your fingers if they bite you lol... you can alternatively find lots of Neo magnets on ebay... but the few I got from ebay although strong for their 3mm dia size... corroded very easily... the nickle plate fell off etc (similar to some magnets ppl are selling for Mini-Z)... any way... with HIS Ozite the velcro is a better idea, provided the rail used, still touches the ozite, and is not suspended the thickness of the velcro... or the F1 noses etc will slide under it... or get stuck on it and snap a corner of the body off etc, thus he hopefuly made the propper shaped rails... hope thats what he meant any way lol...

The magnets I have now are just strong enough that once they are installed in your car, you can barely pick the car up with a screw driver, with the motor stickign to the screw driver... but BARLY if you shake it or have a low magnetic metal in the screw driver, it will fall off easier...

Ozite once pop and things are spilled on it becomes very sticky for a while, but eventualy gets realy slippering in those areas and its sometimes impossible to clean out... the foam tiles are water proof liquid runs off them like water off a duck... This is one of the problems with the TT track in OH, its realy old and has stains and is worn out, very slippery now... it use to be good though I heard ;)...

bah starting to ramble, deleted some of this post lol...

2004.01.21, 09:46 PM
your a mod too.... shame, shame;)

please continue magnet theory in regards to personal/custom track in another thread.... i do have to say though, drac's neo's are worth it;)

2004.01.24, 12:41 PM

please keep comments to constructive conversation regarding this topic please and keep the however silly humor regarding oval tracks to aim etc.;)


it was funny if your 6...