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2004.01.20, 03:24 PM
I'm currently running my xspeed motor with the stock 6t, is this the wrong setup? What is the best pinion for a xspeed? 9t?
Which spacer should I use with that?

2004.01.20, 03:31 PM
if you want it to run super smooth i used an orian 9 tooth steel gear for the rs4 micro it is very fast

2004.01.20, 07:56 PM
i'm interested too. i would like to know the best gearing for my NSX and X-speed motor. please advise.

2004.01.20, 08:36 PM
two words: GEAR RATIO

the lower the gear ratio (larger pinion) the more you have top speed but slower on acceleration

the higher the gear ratio however (smaller pinion), the better your acceleration but not good on top speed.

your track layout will affect what gear ratio (pinion size) you should use. In general, the more technical the track (lots of turns), the higher the gear ratio you should use. You'd want to focus on acceleration cause chances are your motor won't ever get to top optimal speed on a technical track.

On the other hand, if your track is relatively fast ( ie wide lanes and not many turns), then it'd be best to have a lower gear ratio ( larger pinions) in order to take advantage of your motor's potential top speed.

This is just a rough guide however since tires, ball diff adjustment and track surface must all be taken into consideration (example: a slick surface with lots of turns may result in frequent spin outs if you have a small pinion gear, wrong choice of tires and ball diff too tight).

Before things start to sound too complicated, what's important is practice, practice, practice. Take note of what works and doesn't work on your track. Best of all, see what those that tend to be in the front use and get advise from them.

good luck and have fun.

2004.01.20, 10:46 PM
I installed the 9t pinion and with the xspeed my G'zox flies! I don't see any loss in acceleration. Car is a little louder, but other then that its pretty cool.

2004.01.21, 11:24 AM
i'm running my stock gears, but as soon as i put the xspeed in i noticed a huge difference in speed. i want a car that handles about in the middle, so i think i will keep my stock set up.

2004.01.23, 06:13 PM
I also went through this process with my X-speed. I think a 8 or 9 tooth is ideal for the X-speed. It seems to have a very good acceleration band with alot of top end speed. When I went from a 6T to a 8T, it was like night and day! The 8T is perfect for my 8ft. x 16ft., impact foam track.:D

2004.01.23, 06:33 PM
I'm currently running an 8t on my X-Speed MR-01 and its perfect for the conditions I race on, its very fast on the straights and still has enough punch for me to accelerate on the turns of the track I race on. Fortunatly for me the track I race on is "multi leveled" and the long parts of the course are downhill so I get quite a bit of help from my friend gravity to help speed my car up down that long ramp :)

2004.01.26, 03:58 PM
As the Mini-Z manual explains, the gearing also effects the run time and acceleration as well as top-end speed.

2004.01.30, 09:38 PM
i have the pn-racing modified motor and i am running a 10T delrin pinion.. with this 10T motor.. with this change.. i didn't notice a great loss of acceleration..