View Full Version : My viper.

2004.01.20, 04:20 PM
I just bought a Viper readyset, every works perfectly, but my car drives incredibly to the left, i wil position the car straight but it drasticly goes left while moving forward. Any help?

2004.01.20, 04:24 PM
Adjust the steering trim. (semi-hidden dial above the steering wheel on my overland, if you can't find it reference your instruction manual.)

2004.01.20, 04:46 PM
Thanks, il go do that.

2004.01.20, 05:12 PM
Ok, i got that to work, now i have a diffrent problem. I will be driving the car on a hard surface (it does it on all surfaces) the car seems to just flip out sometimes, it just suddenly turns right or starts going in circles. the front to wheels sometimes jiggle around.

2004.01.20, 08:00 PM
I will jsut turn the car on and the controler on and the wheels will start moving around. and when i drive straight, it suddenyly jerks to teh left. Why are these mini-z's so irratating?

2004.01.21, 09:25 AM
check the batts in your transmitter and see if the antenna is screwed in right on the transmitter and car. dont forget to take out the batts first. I would hate for you to lose your Z to a fried board

2004.01.21, 09:48 AM
pootpoot......the box stock mini-z is quite inadequate for racing from the get-go is ur planning to race it on anything other than short-pile random weave carpet.

Even then it gets pretty jittery.

My mini-z MR01 was doing random lane changes, awkward, occasianal jerks, and unpredictable spinouts whenever I applied throttle to smooth, flat concrete.

THe following (when combined) will squish these annoyances like a bug:

-Paper fix: do a search or go to the canadian miniz site......this requires u to insert a tiny fold of paper between the potentiometer; usually kills the servo chatter and renders the random wiggles more softer.

-Toe-in(+1 degree) Tie rod purchase: will drastically improve straight line travel by giving the front tires a more inward angle.

-Ball Diff purchase (note: Buy kyosho) : reduces rear slippage or random spinouts. Also provides luverly LSD effects, if kept well-greased and dirt-free. Oh yeah. must be adjusted. The Ball Diff remedy in miniz world REALLY makes the car track like an arrow!

-High-grip Tire change : yup, the stock ones have a hair's width of actual contact......more grip = more stability = more control.

The problem is, minizs are so small, yet rwd. They're more sensitive to environmental factors than bigger rc cars. Make sure u've got good control before upgrading speed/power. Happy racing.

2004.01.21, 01:14 PM
Ok thanks, I look into that, but you triggerd something that i have remembered when you said batterties. When i put in the batteries for the antannae I put all sorts of diffrent brands and some rechargable and what not. So That may be the problem, I will check into this when i get home. The surface i was using the car on was a normal dry tile floor, it wasnt too slippery. I just held down the accelerator button, and the car will just race around in circles. :mad: :o :confused: :confused:

2004.01.25, 11:26 PM
If you are not just having fun drawing people out and are not kidding around, then here is what you need to do.

Put the stickiest tires you can find on the back. I think the Store sells some 8 degree stuff. You will not spin again. You will just go straight, even in turns since the stock front tires are hard as a rock.

Ease off the throttle. It is not an on-off switch.