View Full Version : GPM (#MZ715) V2 Turbo (Forward + Reverse) for Mini-Z

2004.01.22, 11:50 AM
I just bought a Mini-Z MR-02 model and wanted to add an external Turbo with upgraded motor. I read that the GPM (#MZ715) V2 Turbo (Forward + Reverse) for Mini-Z will not work with the MR-02 without extra modifications. Has anyone tried this, or any other external Turbo with the MR-02?


2004.01.22, 10:23 PM
dont do it, it fried my ESC, had to mail it out for new fets

2004.01.22, 10:38 PM
YIKES! Thanks for the info, I think I will just send it in and let the "Pros" add the internal turbo chips!


2004.01.23, 06:35 PM
Really thats the only way to go IMO.

100x more clean and less chance of having the turbo fry your interal board or short something out :)