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2004.01.22, 02:21 PM
I should be getting my first Mini-Z (a MR-02)this week hopefully :) It's on order from here and said it shipped. So I am eagerly awaiting it.

My questions for everyone here are the following:
1. What is the part# for the H-plates for the MR-02?
2. What other hop-ups should I look to do? Part#'s are helpful.
3. What ball diff to get too? (part# please)

I did order some other tires for it as well. And I have started to build a track out in my garage. You could say I am a little excited!


Capt. Oversteer
2004.01.22, 02:58 PM
Welcome to the world of mini-z's. I'm not sure on the parts you are looking for, but I am sure someone here will help with that. Right now I only have the overlands, but I will be getting the MR-02 soon. I'm having so much fun with the Z's i have been thinking about selling my 1/10 gas cars, gotta keep my XXX-S though. HAHA get ready for the addiction to mini-z's. If you are like me they won't stay stock too long

2004.01.22, 03:10 PM
I would recomend the Kyosho Ball Diff II. Thats what I run and I like it a lot. The part number is in the Parts Data Base at the site shop.

2004.01.22, 03:21 PM

Is this the one you are talking about? I want to make sure it fits my MR-02 RM that I have coming in soon.

Also - I already own a Savage 21 and have it hopped up like mad. In fact part of the reason for getting into Mini-Z's - a little easier on the pocket book.


2004.01.22, 03:31 PM
I wouldn't get that one. that is for the MR01. the MR02 has a different length. I didn't find one in the parts database but send the shop a email. Just because you don't see it, dosn't mean they don't have one.

2004.01.22, 04:04 PM
Thanks! I'll email 'em and see.

What about H plates - any one have particular favorites?

My track is going to have a hill in it so I see some possible breakage happening - I want to have spares.

BTW - I'm only looking for stuff that works on the MR-02. Thanks!


2004.01.22, 04:08 PM
I'm not near my MiniZ manual now, but you'll find all the hop-up part numbers in the back of the manual. The more important hop-ups are also on the back of the display box in thumbnail pictures with respective part numbers.

2004.01.22, 08:29 PM
Which MR-02 are you getting? Its important because the H plate for the Enzo (Mid Mount) does not fit on the NSX (rear mount), so make sure that you get the correct one.
Also, the first two options I would look into is a Xspeed motor & some ball bearings.

2004.01.23, 01:05 PM
I got he NSX... It came in last night and the little bit I played w/it, wow! This thing is pretty damn cool.


2004.01.26, 09:32 PM
If u are looking for h parts i recommend u get a carbonfiber part they help u increase speed and make your body stiffer. there is a guy on ebay selling al sorts of carbon fiber parts.:cool: