View Full Version : Finished highbank oval

2002.01.30, 03:41 PM
All done! I used Koolseal rubberized roof paint to finish off the styrofoam surface, installed truck cap tape along the sides for a bumper and capped the sides with foam pipe insulation. Were off to the races!

2002.01.30, 03:47 PM

Well done, that track is an artwork..

What I'd give to be able to run my CLK and F1 round that lovely oval..

Keep up the faith..


2002.01.30, 07:57 PM
Nice work viperdude! Any chance of video footage of Mini-Zs doing some laps?

2002.01.31, 06:42 AM
That is a great setup! Where did you get a big piece of styrofoam like that?

2002.01.31, 06:52 PM
The track was made from many pieces of 1/2 inch styrofoam that was glued together with silicone sealant. It was very inexpensive even though it is 30 feet long.I plan to make a road track on the backstrech if we get bored of the oval.
Where can i get foam tires for my f1?

2002.01.31, 06:58 PM

Where'd you get that styrofoam for the track? And how much did it cost you. I've been wanting to build a small track in my basement, (11 ft. X 12 ft.) and was wondering where to get the stuff and how much it costs. Also how big are the blocks you used?

That's one awesome track though! I wish I had that much room for one! Good work on it, I love the pic.


2002.01.31, 07:56 PM
viperdude, GPM makes mounted foams for the F1, email the Shop if you'd like some. Thanks!

2002.02.28, 05:30 PM
very nice track indeed... only a bit short :P

2002.03.04, 05:55 PM
wow, thats impressive. No pit? lol, I was playing with that one guys (cant remember his username) track making program, lotta turn, even put a pit in because i had extra space ;)
sure would be fun. My room sure is huge, I should make up some cardboard and ducktape sideboards and put a track on the ground for when my Mini-Z comes in.