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2002.01.30, 05:26 PM
Just north of Atlanta, a new hobby shop/RC track is opening: the "Toys for Boys" hobby shop. In fact, it's already open in a sense. This place is going to be GREAT! Not like Hobby Town, which doesn't give a flip about RC car racing. This shop is owned by a pro racer, who knows what people are looking for. He also told me that if I can find enough people, at least 7 mini-z's / owners to show up one day/night a week, he will designate either M, T, Th, or F as Mini-Z day/night. So far, there is me (Russ), F=MA & one of his friends, T-Man (you think you could make it down to Kennesaw??), and Soccor Boi (who hasn't shown up in a while). I know for certain F=MA and I will be there, so that is 2 people accounted for. ** EVEN IF YOU AREN'T REGISTERED ON THIS FORUM AND/OR DRIVE AN HPI MICRO, AND HAPPEN UPON THIS MESSAGE, SEND ME AN EMAIL!!!!! ** We need to get as many people together as we can to claim our track time. Right now, there is just an indoor 1/10 ozite track, but the owner said that he will reconfigure the track for Mini-Z's on Mini-Z day/night.

If by chance, you are reading this message and you do/used to work at Hobby Town in Kennesaw, GA, PLEASE PLEASE email me, I need a few names and numbers, if you could help that would be great! Also, if you have been to Hobby Town in the past and raced on their track with the wooden track lanes with your Mini-Z, WE NEED YOU!!!!

I have been waiting for a big Mini-Z track to open up close by, and this is our chance to finally make it happen and to start getting more people into Mini-Z's.

** My email address is: russ@floor4.net **

We need everyone we can get!!!!

2002.01.30, 08:04 PM
Cool Russ, good luck with this!

2002.02.04, 09:42 AM
Well, we have about 5 people so far, and only one person has emailed me about this post, which is more than I thought would happen!! :) There is me, F=MA, one of his friends, T-Man, and someone who I don't think is on the forums that emailed me.

Anyone out there, we need 2 more people!!!! Help the Atlanta-Area and its surrounding mini-z population get a night set aside just for them at the new best hobby shop around!!!


:edit: Forgot, for anyone who is reluctant to email me, or to even get a Mini-Z, but you still want a piece of the action, I have 2 other mini-z's besides mine I will rent out for race night. But!! there will be a "you break it, you reimburse me for the broken parts" rule, which I think is perfectly understandable. I don't want to rent these out to the same people every time, just enough to let someone know if they really want to get into the hobby or not. Now, if you are lurking and not a forum member, you have NO REASON not to email me!!!!

*** email: russ@floor4.net ***


Thanks everyone!!!