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2004.01.24, 04:59 PM
Just went to my first race at Tom Thumbs and it was fantastic. The guys ran a great race everyone was a lot of fun to race and talk with.

I will be back, if you have not raced with these guys and you can - DO IT!javascript:smilie(':cool:')

2004.01.24, 06:58 PM
did you race on that rcp stuf. i read somewhere that they have it over at the store.

2004.01.24, 07:41 PM
sasso, which one were you btw?

glad to have you with us just the same. After our two week break the fourth and final round will be completed and then we're to start another season all over again. Today was the first time ever that many racers showed up where A and B mains had to be created from two separate classes! good stuff.
Also nice to see the F1 class back in action.

As for the RCP track, that one is pending. We will likely run on the carpet track until the k-cup. There are also plans by the LHS owner to have a foam track at TTs eventually.

Latency- can't wait to see the vid from today. Hurry that one up!

2004.01.24, 08:04 PM
I was the guy running the slow toyota F1, but hopefully I will get faster.

2004.01.24, 08:21 PM
i thought so (ferrari guy with the toyota).

i was the merc fanatic next to you:D gotta love those F1s!

i'll work on getting my West mclaren team shirt before the k-cup race so we can both represent our respective F1 teams.

2004.01.24, 08:32 PM
Yea, I figured you were the West McLaren guy on this forum. I want to have a Minardi painted body ready for the big race, I just don't know where I could get the decals for the body. I have some minardi shirts and hats that I get wear for the race, I don't think there would be too many Minardi guys out there.

2004.01.24, 09:05 PM
I will be back once I find some knuckles for my f1. TT has some alloy ones, which he wasn't selling due to not having an invoice for, but I need to get some Stock ones anyways for the K-cup..
Good to hear that there was an f1 class though.

Tom Thumb Hobby
2004.01.24, 11:03 PM
sasso - Glad you had a good time. To me that is the most important thing and what we try the hardest to ensure.

Xracer - We are not currently running on a RCP track BUT we will have one very soon. As soon as we finalize a layout for the Kyosho race RCP will ship it to us. Our plan is to use it at all our races from that point on. There is NO doubt that the RCP track is the best there is.

shwookie - Come on back, we've got knuckles.

Todays race was indeed the biggest yet, exceeding our previous best of 20 racers by 2. I am glad everyone had a good time. The entries for the Kyosho race are starting to roll in. Looks like we might have a great turnout.

2004.01.24, 11:33 PM
Your regional track will most likely go out this week. I am sending the off road tiles along with the track. I think they will work very well if interconnected on the turns. Even though they are bumpy, they have a smooth feel so you should not experience the traction roll usually seen with the on road surface.

In addition to the turns, I will send some straight off road sections as well. Since the track is made from foam rubber, you should not experience any damage from the track, if small jumps are used. The surface will cushion the impact.

2004.01.25, 09:40 AM
sasso- this place makes 24th scale waterslide decals. not sure if they have minardi for the F1 but they might be able to do custom decals for you. Good luck cause i know there aren't any plain body F1s made at the moment.


mike- thanks for hosting great races. Latency is doing a great job btw

RCP- can't wait to experience what your talking about. Looking forward to running on a foam track at TTs.

schwookie- ditto on mikes comment. TTs has stock knuckle replacements. i use stock myself and work well. The better you get, the less often you'll break those knuckles:D
Hope to see you in two weeks. The F1 class was great yesterday. One shy of a full grid.. you would've made number 6.
All 5 manufacturers were represented though. good stuff.

2004.01.25, 03:50 PM
Heh, I have only ever broken one, and the last few times I checked @ TT's they didn't have knuckles.
Now the front wing, thats a different story.

2004.01.25, 09:31 PM
Originally posted by West.F1

Latency- can't wait to see the vid from today. Hurry that one up!


As you know I try to run the races, race in the races, and FILM the races! :D I have collected some really good footage, especially of the F1's and I will hopefully be able to get a video started and put on my site later this week. Essentially, all of that video that I take, from TT's and LPR (my track) will be compiled into the Mini-z DVD I am making for you guys. If folks like it enough, I will ship it off to the on demand shop that can produce them and sell them for me.

Sasso, so glad you could make it out. We are always looking for racers, and we do have a lot of fun. We are out there to make a fun, competitive environment that folks want to race at.

Mike has been great to supply us with the timer and track, and he has pretty much given me free reign on track designs, so each week I do my best to make a new track that we have not raced. That is actually much harder than it sounds given the finite amount of PVC.

Shwookie, unfortunately you did miss a full grid of F1 racers this week, and there was some really good racing.

Hopefully you guys all got the email I sent out this afternoon with the summary of best times and overall results. If for some reason, you are not on Mikes distribution list, shoot me an email (in my profile here) and I will get you added.